Miss Cakehead


Please allow me to introduce myself; my name is Miss Cakehead and I am a freelance creative director whose job it is to generate ideas, promote brands and get the people talking. If you came here via coverage it means I am doing my job well. For example I was behind the Wesker & Son human butchery which launched Resident Evil 6 in the UK. But that’s my proper job so back to this strange ‘cake hobby’ of mine…

Any number of words typed into a web-search engine might have brought you here, a fitting testimony to the diversity and sheer, ridiculous brilliance of the different projects that I have been involved in. Perhaps it was intriguing yet naughty cakes that piqued your interest, through my work with Cake Britain and The Evil Cake Shop? Or a curiosity as to what human flesh might taste like, as I discovered through collaboration with Edinburgh Dungeons? Or perhaps you simply need an events and PR expert to work alongside you on a project and you are here to find out more? Whatever your reasons, you are very welcome and I wave hello to you all.

As Miss Cakehead, I have built up a reputation through self-grown, globally acclaimed creative projects and I understand the important process of relaying ideas from client to consumer. I’m blushingly proud to direct you to my press page, where you will find extensive coverage surrounding my work, including interviews and features in such publications as The Independent, The Sunday Times, and Heat Magazine. If you found me through my work with cake and edible projects, you might be particularly interested in video-clips from US network show, Today, The One Show (where Dawn French Laughed Out Loud over an X-Rated cup-cake) and behind-the-scenes footage of the infamous Eat your Heart Out & The PRETOX Potion Pop Up.

My work is not solely based around cake or edible products, however, and I am never more happy than when I am working in a diverse and eclectic mix of areas. There is nothing like the buzz of working with a brand or agency in developing an idea and seeing it come to fruition through the embracing of client and consumer across the global media.

New features and details of my latest work are continuously being posted on my blog, so do please keep checking back or RSS yourself up.

It is always an excitement and a pleasure to hear from new people, so please do get in touch; I want to hear about you, your ideas and to help you make those ideas a reality.

Have a wondrous day!

Yours, with extra icing,

Miss Cakehead


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