Thank You & Goodnight


So EYHO has been & gone – we sold over 3500 sweet treats and every item was a total sell out (apart from the cupcake I accidentally sat on). For those who don’t know, Eat Your Heart Out is a non for profit event I run every year to showcase my personal creativity, PR skills and, most importantly, the talent of UK based bakers.  I work as a freelance creative in PR / Marketing / Advertising (I can’t bake or decorate cakes for love nor money) and the only way I can showcase my skills to the extent they naturally draw the attention of brands and agencies  is to ‘show boat’ once a year with events such as this. With insane amounts of coverage in 23 different countries, plus national broadcast pieces in both the UK and the US (with more to come) I am going to call EYHO 2012 as a hit! You can view a small percentage of this coverage on the press section of this website and am delighted to say my interview with London Tonight can NOT be viewed online.

Massive thanks to everyone who made Eat Your Heart out a success this year – all the bakers (full blog roll to follow later in the week), St Bart’s Pathology Museum for hosting the event, Nathan Pask and all of his team for photography, Emily Evans and Zoe Rutherford for being awesome, James Dance for making gross cocktails, Kraken Rum for supporting us with lots of delicious product, Carla Valentine for curating a series of talks in the space, the press and social media community for being beyond supportive and most of all everyone who came to buy cakes.  As my sanity safety blanket extra thanks and love must go to Natasha Collins AKA Nevie Pie Cakes from whom I have learnt so much.

As I have been asked this about a million times I can also confirm there WILL be an event in 2013 – the same ethos of course but a totally different theme & location with more news on that coming soon.

If you are interested in what I do for a normal job please head to Miss Cakehead, or for random events and generally macabre cake madness follow this blog / join the ‘Miss Cakehead’ Facebook group.

Once again thank you to EVERYONE, I am totally overwhelmed by the feedback and response to EYHO 2012.

Gores truly & bake wishes, Miss Cakehead

Images copyright Mariam Silybum

Anatomical Chocolate Venus from Cake for Breakfast – she’s has since been re-homed from EYHO to my bedroom. I adore this so much.

Maggot cupcakes – a massive hit from Sarah Hardy

We sold more than just cakes – this was from Animal Mineral Vegetable

Coldsore cupcakes were another smash hit – made by Tattoo Cakes

Urine Sample drinks were a sell out at EYHO – thanks to James Dance for making

EYHO 2010 was all about the vagina cupcake – this year it was all about the anal warts!

Trashed Trifle Cake

Not on sale at EYHO but more than worthy of a post… Nevie Pie made this trashed trifle cake for a creative agency who wanted something special for a coffee morning (it won first prize in a hastily arranged new category). It was really three fruit cakes, marzipan cheese and cookie cigarettes!The concept revisited a concept of the after party table for the Kerrang! Awards. To reiterate you are NOT seeing a trifle you are seeing a cake decorated to look like one.

Gross Fungus Toe Nail Cookies

Normally Natasha makes stunning hand painted wedding cakes and cookies, including gingerbread houses which Selfridges sold last Christmas. But when Nevie Pie Cakes goes feral (normally my fault to be fair) she really goes for it. Check out these cookies which she will be selling at EYHO and make me feel sick. It’s the more subtle treats which always have that effect on me and I honestly don’t know how she managed not to throw up looking at the reference image for these!  Before I get the blame the gross level of these cookies was entirely her idea.


how to make animated gif
how to make animated gif

It’s beyond awesome that the guys at BULLETT magazine have been kind enough to have double page feature on “Miss Cakehead’ and Evil Cake Shop in their 2012 Summer Issue. It’s now online and you can read all my (very filthy) answers here. Thanks so much to Nathan Pask for photographing the cake and Natasha Collins for making it. I especially love the cookie she made based on the press photography from 2010.

all images copyright Nathan Pask 2012

The cake design came from the really clever (but tricky) questions the magazine asked me, my answers to which were the basis for the cake ingredients and design. The ‘white stuff’ was not my idea…

Kerrang! Awards 2012

We were delighted to be asked to work with Torture Garden on the freaky food element of the Kerrang! Awards again this year – the theme was Tudor royalty / feasts and Natasha Collins nailed the ideas (as normal). Between rushing off to am emergency dentist (as soon as this post is written) and my killer hangover (only thing masking the main my tooth nerve is exposed OUCH) I shall keep this short and sweet (no pun intended).

Chicken Feet Cake Pops from Miss Insomnia Tulip – dressed with edible flowers

Chocolate Snails from Cakes for Breakfast

Chris (from Cakes fir Breakfast) also made some frog spawn – lemon jelly injected with chocolate served on wooden spoons

Natasha styled the snails with ‘soil’ and crystallised edible flowers

Natasha hand painted some fish cookies which where then nestled inside gold bread (I think she is addicted to gold food spray)

The Cake Conjurer made the ever awesome ‘cakes in eggs’ – this time dying the eggs green for an unsettling & rotten Tudor feel

Head of the roasted swan cake made by the Cake Conjurer – see dedicated post for more detail. Gave this to a friend to eat on the night (bet he didn’t)!

More of Natasha’s fish cookies – super tasty gingerbread base

Natasha also made larger fish cookies of ‘eaten’ fish nestled on edible flowers, salt (popping candy) and salad leaves (explaining why a few snails also crept in)

These freak me out – ‘Fingers’ from the Cake Conjurer


More of Natasha’s fish cookies in the light used for the event


Art Director / Head of Fish Cookies & Gold Bread – Natasha Collins

Eat My Flowers provided the most incredible edible flowers (can’t recommend highly enough – my new favourite company & thing)

Chocolate snails / frog / frogs spawn – Cakes For Breakfast

Incredible swan, meat cake, rotten eggs, hearts and fingers the brilliant Cake Conjurer

White Chocolate Skull – Iced Over Cakes (pictures to follow)

Chicken Feet Cake Pops – Miss Insomnia Tulip (see separate post on these bad boys)


I received an email today from lovely Chris who runs Cake for Breakfast whom Natasha Collins & I are working with on a fairly big deviant (but private project) coming up in the next few weeks or so. It contained two prototype images of chocolate snails and I was so impressed I HAD to share right now (more evidence of my hideously impatient trait) which he kindly agreed to despite them being a first ‘draft’.

Cast from real snails, with further details then added such the eyes (ever the nature expert that’s the two sticky up bits isn’t it?),  I think they are incredible. Chris still wants to work on the paint effects some more so they are only going to increase in amazingness and realism.

As these are cast from a real snail you can even see the finer details of the shells which to me is reminiscent of such edgy chocolate treats like The Chocolate Skulls (shown above), or  the ‘Wizard Fingers’ The Curious Confectioner sold at Eat Your Heart Out 2010 (shown bottom).

Wizard Fingers from The Curious Confectioner

Ever the perfectionist, Natasha has also asked that some of her ‘special soil’ (ground up Oreo cookies to you and I) are also added around the base to give an effect of a snail which has just been plucked off the soil.

The filling? Green goo & fudge of course! Goes without saying they’ll be on sale at the shop, and I am sure these chaps will put in a few appearances before then too as I am totally obsessed.

Lung Cancer Cookies

I can’t believe I have not yet posted these lung cancer cookies and edible cigarettes Natasha Collins created for me on request as I wanted to send them to a PR client (trust me for the client these were perfect). I LOVE nothing more than when people share our work and we truly take inspiration from the comments other bloggers make on where to take Evil Cakes next. Thanks to Medical State of Mind we’re going to be more surreal next time – unicorn lungs encrusted with clumps of glitter maybe?..

The surprising part of this piece is that the whole thing is edible, down to the cigarette butts and ash. The detail and vividness it invokes gives it an extra sense of surrealism. The question of course is not so much are you willing to eat it, but do you think it will taste good? That is food for thought.