Painting cakes & marshmallow hearts

Wanted to update the site with some images of the most recent ‘test bakes’ for Eat Your Heart Out from Miss Insomnia Tulip and The Conjurer’s Kitchen  – if you are a Facebook fan you would have already seen all of these so apologies. Goes without saying all of these will be on sale at Eat Your Heart Out this year.

Miss Insomnia Tulip created this painted fruitcake featuring vintage anatomical illustrations

Miss Insomnia Tulip made these DNA cake pops on sale at Eat Your Heart Out

Marshmallow hearts from the Kitchen Conjurer

Leveson Inquiry Cake Pops!!!

As  I can’t bake the success of Eat Your Heart Out, and indeed all my projects, comes down to the amazing talented cake makers who get involved – Miss Insomnia Tulip a case in point. I’ve already posted about her work a fair bit so when I decided the world needed a series of cake pops featuring the key characters in the Leveson Inquiry (she thought of including God & the LOL Blackberry) it was easy to decide who to approach for this. I was right – she’s nailed it.

Who do you want to eat (leave it) most?

If you want to know more about these cake pops, or Miss Insomnia Tulip, then drop me a line or visit her Facebook page. High res images available for print.

Hmmmmmm starts to wonder what political debacles we can include when the shop opens… Or maybe Private Eye (or another brand) need to support some kind of edible political pop up.


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Thanks to everyone for loving these and sharing these.

Cake Butchery

My inbox contains all sorts of calorie laden gore at the moment and I am loving the fact it keeps flooding in. Most exciting of all is when I get emails from cake makers new to me who are interested in working with the Evil Cake team on EYHO 2. Cake makers such as Victoria Wilkinson who contacted me today with some stomach churning images of what Beaten & Creamed are already referring to as ‘Cake Butchery’, some pieces she made a while ago. BLEARGH I am in ewe awe.

Right back in the days of Cake Britain we purposefully looked to support bakers of all levels and continue to do so today: I 110% don’t believe that just because a baker may not have a high profile it does not mean their work can not be incredible. It simply means they have not been discovered yet. In addition to Victoria, case in point is Miss Insomnia Tulip whose chicken feet cake pops have been featured on sites such as Edible Craft and Boing Boing.

As a non baker myself I rely on a team of incredibly talented individuals to bring my visions to life and never forgot how lucky I am that there are so many people who tolerate and indulge my crazy visions; and so many more with visions of their own.

Boiled Chicken Feet – Extreme Cake Pops

I still can’t talk about the various projects we have on the go at the moment but I can share some of the incredible creations people are submitting to us daily such as the chocolate snails and new today these ‘Chicken Feet Pops’ from Miss Insomnia Tulip which are gross. Gross in the EYHO world meaning perfect.

The feet are made from vanilla & raspberry cake, triple dipped in white chocolate with the pop hand painted to resemble a boiled chicken foot; the chicken dipping sauce pop (top) covered with coloured piping gel; the battered chicken foot pop is covered with the dipping sauce and crushed citrus sprinkles to resemble batter. Ruddy amazing Yorkshire based baking talent and a really innovative cake pop design to boot. The latter is something which is getting rarer and rarer… See more on her Facebook or Flickr stream. Which variety are your favourite – I have to say for me it’s the battered boiled chicken foot all the way << something I will never say again.

Our team can make anything and make it brilliantly. What would you like to see at Eat Your Heart Out 2012: The Morgue Years – please do let us know!