Hooked On Pills

So we look at Rich Tea finger biscuits and think yummy – the creative genius that is Miss Insomnia Tulip looks at them and thinks they would make amazing pills. These are Rich Tea finger biscuits triple dipped in coloured choc & with hundreds and thousands. She makes it sound easy. I am sure it isn’t.

Gross Fungus Toe Nail Cookies

Normally Natasha makes stunning hand painted wedding cakes and cookies, including gingerbread houses which Selfridges sold last Christmas. But when Nevie Pie Cakes goes feral (normally my fault to be fair) she really goes for it. Check out these cookies which she will be selling at EYHO and make me feel sick. It’s the more subtle treats which always have that effect on me and I honestly don’t know how she managed not to throw up looking at the reference image for these!  Before I get the blame the gross level of these cookies was entirely her idea.

Neuromuscular Junction Cookies

Just found these amazing cookies demonstrating Neuromuscular Junction (let’s pretend I know what that is). They were made by  a (then) 16 year old called  Chelsea Ann Coconut (please let that be her real name), and found via Not So Humble Pie.

I just finished a week of work experience with a neurosurgeon! It was absolutely amazing and to say thanks, I made these cookies. I’m a bit proud 🙂

Hope that provides some inspiration for EYHO 2 boys & girls!

Lung Cancer Cookies

I can’t believe I have not yet posted these lung cancer cookies and edible cigarettes Natasha Collins created for me on request as I wanted to send them to a PR client (trust me for the client these were perfect). I LOVE nothing more than when people share our work and we truly take inspiration from the comments other bloggers make on where to take Evil Cakes next. Thanks to Medical State of Mind we’re going to be more surreal next time – unicorn lungs encrusted with clumps of glitter maybe?..

The surprising part of this piece is that the whole thing is edible, down to the cigarette butts and ash. The detail and vividness it invokes gives it an extra sense of surrealism. The question of course is not so much are you willing to eat it, but do you think it will taste good? That is food for thought.