Chicken Wing Cupcake

Coccadotts Cake Shop has created a unique cupcake – corn-bread muffin base with bleu-cheese frosting and a chicken wing – an inspired PR stunt to promote The National Chicken Council for the Super Bowl. Reminds me something you’d see on Cupcake Wars (along with those hideous women who wear pink and cover EVERYTHING in glitter). Personally I don’t think their online shop is worth a visit and it appears to be a festival of blah.


If chicken cupcakes not your thing then what about cupcakes that just look like chicken?

Boiled Chicken Feet – Extreme Cake Pops

I still can’t talk about the various projects we have on the go at the moment but I can share some of the incredible creations people are submitting to us daily such as the chocolate snails and new today these ‘Chicken Feet Pops’ from Miss Insomnia Tulip which are gross. Gross in the EYHO world meaning perfect.

The feet are made from vanilla & raspberry cake, triple dipped in white chocolate with the pop hand painted to resemble a boiled chicken foot; the chicken dipping sauce pop (top) covered with coloured piping gel; the battered chicken foot pop is covered with the dipping sauce and crushed citrus sprinkles to resemble batter. Ruddy amazing Yorkshire based baking talent and a really innovative cake pop design to boot. The latter is something which is getting rarer and rarer… See more on her Facebook or Flickr stream. Which variety are your favourite – I have to say for me it’s the battered boiled chicken foot all the way << something I will never say again.

Our team can make anything and make it brilliantly. What would you like to see at Eat Your Heart Out 2012: The Morgue Years – please do let us know!