Join Us!

Currently after more cupcake makers!


Firstly thanks so much for your interest – I (Miss Cakehead) can’t bake and simply curate cakes. It is no exaggeration to say we could not do this without you all…

Our next event is Eat Your Heart Out from the 25th – 28th October 2012. The theme is pathology / anatomically correct edibles. We are open to ALL ideas so don’t be afraid to suggest your own take on this theme even if only a vague link. We don’t just want to sell cakes so let your imagination run wild on cookies, blood dipped marshmallows etc…

EYHO are a non for profit and we sell your delicious treats for no cost (if we secure sponsorship), or if not a small % to cover our physical costs.

Now I am pretty sure they are some of you who don’t think they are good enough to take part – well that’s bloody nonsense! For many of our cake makers baking is a hobby only and we would love to see your work…

If you want to chat about taking part with some of the other cake makers then hang out on the Miss Cakehead Facebook page – or Twitter is always good @miss_cakehead.

What we need from you to consider selling your wares at EYHO is:

Your name & ‘cake’ name

Twitter (if you have one)

Links to Facebook / Flickr where we can see other examples of your work

Your suggested EYHO creations and guide purchase price.

Just to say if we don’t like your first submission then you are welcome to try again… This may happen as another cake makers is already making a concept very similar to yours (get in quick!), or simply that we don’t think they will sell. I am happy to work with everyone who wants to take part to find some products that would work for you & the shop. We simply don’t want you to spend hours creating treats only to find they don’t sell. That would suck.

Read more here…

OK anyone as excited about this as me?

Bake wishes, Miss Cakehead xxx

PS: We’re trying to set up a research trip to the pathology museum and of course we’ll share more news on this when we have it.

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