The Helpers – free cake & cocktails

Can’t say how excited I am about this – get your ticket to free cake and cocktail here!


Koch Media UK, in conjunction with Miss Cakehead, will help put you out of your misery this January with a horror filled multi-sensory edible experience on the 18th & 19th January in London. Created to launch the release of horror film The Helpers on DVD, which is available from 21st January 2013, the free pop up features innovative and repulsive edible marvels, the likes of which have never been dared before… Can you stomach it? We won’t help you if you can’t… we really really wont.
The event is totally free to attend, as are all the cocktails and cake inside, but you’ll need to get your hands on one of the tickets for the 18th January. You’ll need to ‘like’ The Helpers movie Facebook page to be in for a chance of coming along. Trust me you don’t want to miss this one!!! More information coming very sooooooooooooooooon…

Cloudy With A Chance Of Meatballs


Not only are sardines super gross in real life but I would happily swap meatballs for rain right now… This movie was 3D in cinemas so you got to experience dodging giant food. ¬†What is there not to love?

Threadcakes 2012

Whoop Threadcakes is back for 2012 and there are some amazing entires already entered, my favourite of which I have shown below. In short Threadcakes is a competition which invites bakers to interpret any chosen Threadless design in delicious edible cake form. More often than not there are usually a few cakes based on the same design such as the two panda entries below and it’s really interesting to start comparing different approaches if you are a cake geek. There are a few crap cakes in there too already but overall the Threadcakes standard is RIDICULOULSY high (great PR idea too). I’ve said it before, and I will say it again, if you want to discover extreme cake decorating talent then Threadcakes are the competition galleries to browse (plus cake makers are required to show the work in progress so you get lots of cool decorating tips too which is handy if you can bake unlike myself).

One of my past favourite Threadcakes is this ‘Robot House’ – of course nothing to do with my friends the wonderful Futureheads providing the bakers soundtrack in this video ūüėČ

I also think Mamma Jamma Cakes was robbed by not being placed with her incredible 2010 entry…

Les Diners De Gala – unicorns in a red velvet bed

Earlier today @stylistmagazine asked it’s followers what their favourite cookbooks were – it took me less than a second to decide it was the 1973 Les Diners De Gala by Salvador Dali. It’s about ¬£100 so very expensive for a cook book but very reasonable for a work of art: it’s illustrated throughout with drawings by Dali featuring both color photos of some of the recipes and several double page color artworks.

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This also reminds me fo this 1941 Newsreel and my desire to replicate this dinner, dress as a unicorn and spend the night in a red velvet bed. Can you imagine the pressure of having to think of a costume for a Dali hosted dinner…

Surrealist artist Salvador Dali designs and hosts a party held in the Bali Room of the Hotel Del Monte, Monterey, California. The event was titled Night in a Surrealist Forest and it was a fund raiser to help European artists displaced by the war.

Come Here Kitty – Terrifying J20 Advert

No matter what we do with Eat Your Heart Out it will never ever come close to being as terrifying as the latest J20 advert – I actually just flicked back onto Silent Hill as I could not bear to watch it. Attention to detail is¬†impeccable¬†– cat eating from tin, cats pissed off squashed face when being licked by the dog and finally the dog’s leg moving as they kiss… both heart and hate this in equal measure. From agency¬†BBH London¬†directed by¬†The Daniels.


Fashionable consumption – ‘Cake’ shows models eating entire cakes

Cake¬†is a fashion video directed by Stephen Blaise for¬†Fly 16×9. Cut from over four hours of footage, the videos feature designer clad annoyingly thin (for girls who can eat a whole cake) models wearing designer clothing and devouring entire cakes. To me a concept summed up by this now iconic Hansel & Gretel inspired shoot shot by Annie Leibovitz which even depicts Lady Gaga as the witch in the oven (as featured in Vogue December 2009).

The creative ethos of the video is to comment on design, consumption and body image in the context of major designers: Miu Miu (mocha cake with cherry blossoms), AF Vandervorst (chocolate mocha dome), Prada (mirror caramel cake & chocolate torte with chantilly cream), Zero Maria Cornejo (orange and white chocolate tiramisu), and Fendi (striped cake with chocolate roses).

Click through¬†to Fly 16×9 for the video in high resolution or watch some of the videos on Vimeo below:

Via the now sadly defunct with no goodbye Eat Me Daily.

Setting Sail On a Jelly Sea

Amazing sea jelly created for Bompas & Parr for the Musuems at Night project. So happy they are up for getting involved in EYHO 2012 – as you may have already noticed from the massive cover image of them they came out to play last time too. I am slightly scared¬†terrified excited about what their brains will come up with on an unrestricted brief though…

On a B&P theme I think the¬†chocolate¬†climbing wall they created for Rocky Biscuits recently is amazing too but for some reason it just doesn’t resonate as much with me as the jelly sea which I adore.¬†Read more about it on the Mother London blog.

Adele Butter Dance

Disclaimer: I’d like to point out I am not an expert in the field of sploshing

A lot of people are saying this is a ‘sploshing’ video (sploshing being a fetish that involves getting wet and messy with food and don’t pretend you didn’t know that) but it was actually¬†a what-the-fuck-oh-my-god-you-are-serious-so-*dull-i-am-going-to-fall-asleep piece of performance art at the launch of the Lilith Performance Studio. Some cheeky monkey changed the music to Adele, uploaded the video to You Tube and it went viral. Bosh – exactly what the internet was made for!

It’s a personal thing, and I am sure many people enjoy this kind of¬†interpretive¬†dance entertainment, but not me. I would personally prefer to lick the cat litter tray clean than have to sit through a whole performance. I can’t even get through the video on You Tube if I am being honest with you – sorry don’t judge me. If you have a considerably higher tolerance for this nonsense than me then watch the original performance below. Not that it matters but I thought it was so much better butter with Adele as the soundtrack which reminds me of the principle of how every single video on the world is more enjoyable when set to the Benny Hill theme tune. Now that I do agree with…

*when she fell over it woke me up

Heartbeat Eclair

This is ridiculous on so many levels – totally fallen in love with the concept of mega eclairs. Anyone want to make one (stick lots together and hide the joins with icing) 12 feet long for a very high profile project on the 7th June?.. Go on you know you want to!

I also use any excuse to post about the utterly delicious *Futureheads so here for your viewing pleasure is Heartbeat Song…

¬†*I’ve even¬†recreated the lyrics to The Chaos¬†in cookies once.