Bristol Stool Sample Cake

Amazing cake from Claire Ratcliffe – what I really like is whilst the subject matter is gross it also really shows off her piping skills at the same time!


Resident Evil Dining

I don’t care what I have to do but I really have to go to Japan this year – for starters check this RE restaurant out. Apologies for the total arse piece presenter in the video here but it does tell you a little more information.

Now I love a good themed restaurant but I am totally and utterly obsessed with the love hotel culture in Japan – a love hotel containing rooms specifically designed for f*cking to put it bluntly. Or as Wired summed up:

For decades Japan’s love hotels have provided a place for couples to enjoy anonymous, uninterrupted sex. Politician and secretary, teacher and student, husband and hooker — all are welcome, as long as they pay in cash and leave when the time limit is up. But 2006 spawned a new type of love hotel. Decorated with theme park interiors and equipped with game consoles, karaoke boxes and sex machines — these establishments provide kinky fun for all types, from fetishists and sadomasochists to the ordinary couple seeking sexual adventure. 

Felt compelled to share some images of said hotels which fascinate me on a design / creative level not a fetish fantasy one. The Bat Cave one is ridiculous and I have no idea how this could turn anyone on. But that said each to their own and lest we forget people are strange and large groups of people are already into things such as Klismaphilia (deriving sexual pleasure from receiving an enema). Anyway back to the love hotels imagery – it’s hard to choose but the Christmas themed hotel has to be up there in terms of the most random. It’s also glorious that Christmas Eve is one of the busiest times of year for these rooms…

You have to watch this video even if just for the demo of the fake traffic noise so a cheating husband can pretend he is stuck in traffic not this mistress. Anyhow time for me to start saving for that airfare to Japan!

Chocolate Morgue Casts

I love the work of Stephen Shanabrook a conceptual artist living and working in New York and Moscow. I have also been talking to him over the past few years about various projects and you couldn’t ask to Skype with a nicer man. His work provokes such a strong reaction, even disgust, in me and shows what art can do at it’s most powerful; I adore it even though it scares and repulses me.

The pieces of his work which unsettle me in particular are his chocolate sculptures which have been cast from the fatal wounds of people lying dead in morgues presented as wedding favours (below), and in one case the life sized cast of the remnants of an 18 year old suicide bomber cast in chocolate (above & video).

It’s hard to think of someone more perfect to work with on Eat Your Heart Out: The Morgue Years than Stephen but what I need to ask myself is if people would buy chocolate bars with such a gruesome & sad story to tell? Eating these chocolates would provide an enjoyable taste sensation and disgust you at the same time – creating a unique experience which has the ability to drastically change our perceptions of what we’re about to eat. So in short the very essence of what Eat Your Heart Out, and indeed our Edible Autopsy is all about. Is there anything so disturbing it becomes unpalatable despite being delicious? Well this October we are set to find this out.

Son of an obstetrician and the town coroner, as a child Shanabrook worked at a chocolate factory in a small town in Ohio. Overlapping these oppositional influences the artist created a unique vision of beauty, one on the threshold of death, pain and disaster. Shanabrook gives a new and often disturbing meaning to substances and forms otherwise associated with comfort, happiness and banality. By molding chocolates on the wounds on the corpses, Shanabrook tries to supplement the horrific image of the wounds with the seductive smell of the chocolates. And from the responses he gets from the public, it seems that the more people observe the pralinés, the more they forget about the fact that they are molded on the corpses, and give in to the enjoyment of the smell.

He also sells some of his pieces as chocolate which can be eaten or saved as a work of art – much like our concept for Cake Britain.  Street Anatomy recently offered this chocolate heart for sale via their shop priced at $119 – it belonged to the teen victim of a police suicide and you can clearly see where the bullet both entered and left their heart. It is cast from a specimen which been kept by a pathologist since 1960 and I don’t think there is a darker chocolate design to be found.

Cake Butchery

My inbox contains all sorts of calorie laden gore at the moment and I am loving the fact it keeps flooding in. Most exciting of all is when I get emails from cake makers new to me who are interested in working with the Evil Cake team on EYHO 2. Cake makers such as Victoria Wilkinson who contacted me today with some stomach churning images of what Beaten & Creamed are already referring to as ‘Cake Butchery’, some pieces she made a while ago. BLEARGH I am in ewe awe.

Right back in the days of Cake Britain we purposefully looked to support bakers of all levels and continue to do so today: I 110% don’t believe that just because a baker may not have a high profile it does not mean their work can not be incredible. It simply means they have not been discovered yet. In addition to Victoria, case in point is Miss Insomnia Tulip whose chicken feet cake pops have been featured on sites such as Edible Craft and Boing Boing.

As a non baker myself I rely on a team of incredibly talented individuals to bring my visions to life and never forgot how lucky I am that there are so many people who tolerate and indulge my crazy visions; and so many more with visions of their own.

Les Diners De Gala – unicorns in a red velvet bed

Earlier today @stylistmagazine asked it’s followers what their favourite cookbooks were – it took me less than a second to decide it was the 1973 Les Diners De Gala by Salvador Dali. It’s about £100 so very expensive for a cook book but very reasonable for a work of art: it’s illustrated throughout with drawings by Dali featuring both color photos of some of the recipes and several double page color artworks.

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This also reminds me fo this 1941 Newsreel and my desire to replicate this dinner, dress as a unicorn and spend the night in a red velvet bed. Can you imagine the pressure of having to think of a costume for a Dali hosted dinner…

Surrealist artist Salvador Dali designs and hosts a party held in the Bali Room of the Hotel Del Monte, Monterey, California. The event was titled Night in a Surrealist Forest and it was a fund raiser to help European artists displaced by the war.

Gelatin Chickens

This “Where Do Eggs Come From?” gelatin sculpture by Hugh Hayden shocked the jelly world when it was entered in a 2011 Jell-O Mold Competition, winning a Special Jury’s Bad-Ass Award. Discovered online we we’re searching for a gelatin artists for some particularly gory EYHO concepts we’d like to explore.

Hugh Hayden’s bad-ass Jell-O and poultry meditation on where supermarket food comes from, specifically the ins and outs of a carton of eggs. Using only chicken, water, and agar-agar (to aid the natural chicken gelatin), the mold was created from excavated chicken cavity and eggshells.

Other stand outs Jello comp winners for me are the winner of this Turkey-shaped Jell-O® Mold: 2008 Competition:

And of course these entries from 2009:

Via Foodista

Salt Made From Tears

I have masses of affection for the whole team at Ministry of Stories / Hoxton Street Monster Supplies and I’ve been lucky enough to work with them on creating terrifying food for their events. My top pick? It has to be the bogey cupcake display I created below (Crumbs and Doilies made the cupcakes and even the insides were a horrid bogey grey colour).

Ministry of Stories really are brilliant, championing such an important cause in an massively unique way:

We are an organisation dedicated to the creation of stories by a new storytelling generation. Fire your imagination, have a look around and get involved.

Products in their store, Hoxton Street Monster Supplies, fill me with joy and I have a massive crush on their Minister for Fluency too. These are super clever witty products that equally engage with adults and children, a darn hard thing to do. The latest addition being these tears…

Salt Made From Tears combines centuries-old craft with the freshest human tears which are gently boiled, released into shallow crystallisation tanks, then harvested by hand and finally rinsed in brine. Experience the full range of these flavours in this exclusive collection.

~ Salt Made From Tears of Anger

~ Salt Made From Tears Shed While Chopping Onions

~ Salt Made From Tears Shed While Sneezing

~ Salt Made From Tears of Laughter

~ Salt Made From Tears of Sorrow

Ministry of Stories was inspired by the US based 826 Valencia in San Francisco.

Similarly they have a range of stores which help raise funds and sell an equally inspiring range of products including The Pirate Supply Store and my favourite Brooklyn Superhero Supply Co. As a creative these products massively inspire me and I’d love to be able to buy every single one of them. A few top picks pasted below:

via @stylistmagazine


We are lusting retching over this marzipan pig Jonas Laberg created for his daughters birthday last Christmas which has since gone viral online as ‘Evil Pig’. Whilst this creation freaks the f*ck out of grown ups the evilness of this terrifying edible treat did not bother his daughters one tiny bit. Read and see more on his site and be prepared to be unsettled by the details (the eyes and arse are the worst). You might like to know I stumbled across this whilst searching for someone with a very niche marzipan talent for EYHO2 but more of that coming soon…

Boiled Chicken Feet – Extreme Cake Pops

I still can’t talk about the various projects we have on the go at the moment but I can share some of the incredible creations people are submitting to us daily such as the chocolate snails and new today these ‘Chicken Feet Pops’ from Miss Insomnia Tulip which are gross. Gross in the EYHO world meaning perfect.

The feet are made from vanilla & raspberry cake, triple dipped in white chocolate with the pop hand painted to resemble a boiled chicken foot; the chicken dipping sauce pop (top) covered with coloured piping gel; the battered chicken foot pop is covered with the dipping sauce and crushed citrus sprinkles to resemble batter. Ruddy amazing Yorkshire based baking talent and a really innovative cake pop design to boot. The latter is something which is getting rarer and rarer… See more on her Facebook or Flickr stream. Which variety are your favourite – I have to say for me it’s the battered boiled chicken foot all the way << something I will never say again.

Our team can make anything and make it brilliantly. What would you like to see at Eat Your Heart Out 2012: The Morgue Years – please do let us know!

Edible Dresses


Sung Yeonju is an astonishing Korean artist famed for her incredible series of dresses made from various foods and not just ‘easy’ ones either, things like tomatoes and prawns too! But before you get too excited by the thought of wearing these dresses I have to tell you she is a fine artist who uses photography as her main medium to create her vision (insert disappointed face).

This series deals with the concept of creating images that interchange the actual reality and the made-up reality on many levels. This body of work is her version of the made-up reality, which destroys the core meaning of clothing, which is the ability to be worn. This series of her work forces viewers to defy the actual meaning, functionality, and the aspects of what clothing signifies in our lives.

Via Feature Shoot