Salted Caramel Heart & Anatomical Pinatas

So the top seller in the Valentine’s Day anatomical pop up (aside from our under the counter v cakes) to date is this salted red caramel heart – yum! One day down, two to go!


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I am also totally in love with this anatomical heart pinata kindly made for us by Kerry Hughes.



Thanks to Marcus Tucker for the photography.

Chunk of Stomach Cake – Washed Down With Vomit

The last images we can share of The Helpers project open to the public on the 18th January – this cake from Conjurer’s Kitchen is absolutely delicious but do you have the stomach to find that out for yourself. If not we may just have one going spare…


This chunk of flesh cake is used to demonstrate a scene in the movie where one of the characters is ripped apart

High concept art cocktail maker James Dance is also serving up his gross looking  but tasty drinks including the ‘Vomit’ cocktail shown below. He will try and blame me at some point for his twisted creations but I can assure you they are ALL his idea. To be fair it is a perfect fit with some of the cakes on offer though – believe me when I say the cakes we have shared so far are relatively tame!293552_10152399415415252_1395856241_n

You can drink ‘vomit’ in the pop up too! Well if you can stomach it that is…

The Helpers – free cake & cocktails

Can’t say how excited I am about this – get your ticket to free cake and cocktail here!


Koch Media UK, in conjunction with Miss Cakehead, will help put you out of your misery this January with a horror filled multi-sensory edible experience on the 18th & 19th January in London. Created to launch the release of horror film The Helpers on DVD, which is available from 21st January 2013, the free pop up features innovative and repulsive edible marvels, the likes of which have never been dared before… Can you stomach it? We won’t help you if you can’t… we really really wont.
The event is totally free to attend, as are all the cocktails and cake inside, but you’ll need to get your hands on one of the tickets for the 18th January. You’ll need to ‘like’ The Helpers movie Facebook page to be in for a chance of coming along. Trust me you don’t want to miss this one!!! More information coming very sooooooooooooooooon…

Eat Your Heart Out this Valentines. Literally.

Hello there – the pop up is being held at Top Office Machines, 133 Bethnal Green Road, London, E2 7DJ.

Open Friday 11-7, Saturday 11-6, Sunday 11-6

Follow @miss_cakehead for updates and tweet for more information.  You can preview the products here…

Hope to see you there, Miss Cakehead xx



Between the 8th – 10th February 2013 a secret location in East London will be playing host to romantic pop up with a twist; every single one of the gifts, cards or edible treats on sale will be based on an anatomically correct heart. It is a venture from Miss Cakehead & Medical Illustrator Emily Evans who have teamed up to create Anatomical Snuffbox, an outfit with sole aim of promoting and producing anatomy led cultural events. The anatomical hearts on sale have been sourced from the finest arts, crafts and cake makers from both from the UK and further afield, many of who have been commissioned to create unique pieces for the project. Expect to see anatomical heart inspired pieces in the form of jewelry, art prints, cards, embroidery, ceramics and of course cake and chocolate.

Colour dipped anatomical heart necklaces from Etsy user CBDahlia

Colour dipped anatomical heart necklaces from Etsy user CBDahlia

As with any Miss Cakehead event you should expect the unexpected and a solid chocolate human heart, cast from the victim of a police suicide victim, by artist Stephen Shanabrook, is also on sale. The piece clearly showing the entry and exit bullet holes of the bullet.

Miss Cakehead says: It’s my passion to give people something new and fresh to buy and I am really looking forward to being able to expand my curating into gifts and art. To be honest if I could have my way I would have banned anything pink and ‘heart’ shaped but I wasn’t allowed.

Emily says: As an anatomist, nothing brings me greater pleasure than getting others enthusiastic about anatomy. Valentines day can be a daunting prospect, so I’d like to think this event celebrating the human heart will offer alternative anatomical treats for the one you love (be that someone else or just yourself!).

Anatomical Heart Bread from Miss Insomnia Tulip

Anatomical Heart Bread from Miss Insomnia Tulip

For more information:



Notes for editors:

For more information please contact Emma Thomas:

More images available on request, high resolution available

Eat Your Heart Out: A collective of UK based food artists leading the way with creative food presentation, innovative edible projects and ground breaking edible art techniques led by Miss Cakehead. It exists to promote creativity in food, give talented individuals the chance to shine, be discovered and build their own self-sufficient businesses. As part of their support network to bakers it also offers guidance & advice on all aspects of building a baking business. In addition to their infamous pop up cake shops Eat Your Heart Out works with a variety of clients such as Google, The London Dungeons, EMI, Poke London and numerous PR agencies.

About Miss Cakehead: Miss Cakehead, aka Emma Thomas, is a freelance creative director and the brain behind the Eat Your Heart Out concept. In 2013 she also created Wesker & Son, the human butchery, to launch Resident Evil 6 in the UK.

About Emily Evans: Emily is originally an anatomist and teaches anatomy and dissection at Cambridge University. Additionally, for the last 10 years she has been running her business as a freelance Medical Illustrator, illustrating Anatomy and Surgery books. Emily is passionate about promoting anatomy and art and is currently on council of the Medical Artists’ Association of Great Britain. She also creates unique anatomical products such as her ‘Histology plate’ series and ‘Day of the Dead Sugar Skull wallpaper’ for bars in London.

Exciting News – Pathology Based Cake Shop

Beyond delighted to say that Eat Your Heart Out 2 will be held in the St Barts Pathology Museum in London from October 26th – 28th. Working closely with the wonderful Carla Valentine, EYHO is going 100% anatomically correct & educational on your arse. If you want pretty labels on your cakes saying what flavor they are then don’t come… In their place will be some information on the very body part you are about to eat a delicious cake version of. They’ll also be the ultimate cake pathology lecture focusing on REAL conditions such as maple-syrup urine disease, icing sugar spleen and nutmeg liver. Lots more secrets yet to be revealed so be afraid, be very afraid…

Lung cancer cookies below are from Nevie Pie Cakes (and will be on sale in the space if I can persuade her)!

Cake makers wanting to take part then the full brief is here – the pathology theme is fairly open so please fell free to send me over any ideas you have. Eat Your Heart Out is a non for profit organization supporting the art of cake making all brand support welcome.

Now anyone for an icing sugar spleen?..

Catering For Monsters With An Edible Swamp

As many of you already know I love creating some gross things for the Ministry of Stories and their Hoxton Street Monster Supplies events. They are a non for profit organisation promoting literacy to children who do some incredible work. Past ‘hits’ have included scabs (cranberries), cockroaches (dates) and the now infamous unicorn pies (pork pies sprayed with lustre and covered in glitter). You can see some more of these over at Cakehead Loves.

This time Iced Over Cakes & Cake for Breakfast kindly stepped into the breach for me & created this amazing swap / pond theme for their latest event. I had a thoroughly miserable afternoon feeling poorly whilst  they were doing the honours at the location (remotely assisted by Nevie Pie Cakes who made some scary fish cookies). Everyone generously gave their time for free I hasten to add – super talented really creative & kind bunch of foodies there 😀

As you can see it looked amazing and much better than anything I could have carried off to be honest with you. Both Chris & Lisa are trained graphic designers and you can really tell as it all looks so darn good with great attention to detail. Special hat tip Chris for Breakfast for the inspired idea of using sausages to create pond reeds which formed part of the cool centrepiece. Hope he will send me some more close ups of this detail so I can add some more close up images of these.

Would make the most perfect dessert table for a boy’s birthday party don’t you think?..

Threadcakes 2012

Whoop Threadcakes is back for 2012 and there are some amazing entires already entered, my favourite of which I have shown below. In short Threadcakes is a competition which invites bakers to interpret any chosen Threadless design in delicious edible cake form. More often than not there are usually a few cakes based on the same design such as the two panda entries below and it’s really interesting to start comparing different approaches if you are a cake geek. There are a few crap cakes in there too already but overall the Threadcakes standard is RIDICULOULSY high (great PR idea too). I’ve said it before, and I will say it again, if you want to discover extreme cake decorating talent then Threadcakes are the competition galleries to browse (plus cake makers are required to show the work in progress so you get lots of cool decorating tips too which is handy if you can bake unlike myself).

One of my past favourite Threadcakes is this ‘Robot House’ – of course nothing to do with my friends the wonderful Futureheads providing the bakers soundtrack in this video 😉

I also think Mamma Jamma Cakes was robbed by not being placed with her incredible 2010 entry…

Kerrang! Awards 2012

We were delighted to be asked to work with Torture Garden on the freaky food element of the Kerrang! Awards again this year – the theme was Tudor royalty / feasts and Natasha Collins nailed the ideas (as normal). Between rushing off to am emergency dentist (as soon as this post is written) and my killer hangover (only thing masking the main my tooth nerve is exposed OUCH) I shall keep this short and sweet (no pun intended).

Chicken Feet Cake Pops from Miss Insomnia Tulip – dressed with edible flowers

Chocolate Snails from Cakes for Breakfast

Chris (from Cakes fir Breakfast) also made some frog spawn – lemon jelly injected with chocolate served on wooden spoons

Natasha styled the snails with ‘soil’ and crystallised edible flowers

Natasha hand painted some fish cookies which where then nestled inside gold bread (I think she is addicted to gold food spray)

The Cake Conjurer made the ever awesome ‘cakes in eggs’ – this time dying the eggs green for an unsettling & rotten Tudor feel

Head of the roasted swan cake made by the Cake Conjurer – see dedicated post for more detail. Gave this to a friend to eat on the night (bet he didn’t)!

More of Natasha’s fish cookies – super tasty gingerbread base

Natasha also made larger fish cookies of ‘eaten’ fish nestled on edible flowers, salt (popping candy) and salad leaves (explaining why a few snails also crept in)

These freak me out – ‘Fingers’ from the Cake Conjurer


More of Natasha’s fish cookies in the light used for the event


Art Director / Head of Fish Cookies & Gold Bread – Natasha Collins

Eat My Flowers provided the most incredible edible flowers (can’t recommend highly enough – my new favourite company & thing)

Chocolate snails / frog / frogs spawn – Cakes For Breakfast

Incredible swan, meat cake, rotten eggs, hearts and fingers the brilliant Cake Conjurer

White Chocolate Skull – Iced Over Cakes (pictures to follow)

Chicken Feet Cake Pops – Miss Insomnia Tulip (see separate post on these bad boys)

Silent Hill x Alice Cooper (vintage)

So proud of the little crazy cake collective we’ve built up over the past few years so wanted to also feature some of our older work on this site where it’s relevant to Evil Cakes. It’s also really useful to show the standard of our pops ups at the time we are looking for new team members. Rather than just reblog old stories from Cakehead Loves Evil (at the risk of everyone thinking we are still making exactly the same things or I am the worst blogger in the world) we’ll be calling these ‘vintage’. Hope that sounds fair enough?

First vintage post is the Silent Hill Nurse from Mamma Jamma Cakes created to a brief for the Alice Copper freak show auditions last summer – accompanied by bloody cupcakes, edible glass and barbed wire made from fondent. I was, and still am, obsessed with how good the nurses boobs look! I am not sporting the most healthy look below and as I recall it also made catching a cab nearly impossible.

We also created a back drop for this piece taking the lyrics of No More Mister Nice Guy with Thefty painting them onto newspaper to create the perfect Silent Hill x Alice Cooper backdrop.

I covered some old plates in bandages then used my bruise wheel to create a unique cupcake stand hosting delicious red velvet treats from @annecupcakes.

Kiss & Bake Up kindly produced a range of fairly disturbing Silent Hill cake pops which were displayed in an old cheese greater we made look rusty.

Finally we also used edible glass with strawberry blood and fondant barbed wired (both from Mamma Jamma Cakes) as added detail on the table. Hope that’s given you some food for thought on what to make for EYHO 2012!!!

Eat Your Heart Out: The Morgue Years

Cakes from EYHO 2010 made by The Butcher of Caker Street (road kill badger) and Holly Andrews

The world’s first X-rated cake shop, Eat Your Heart Out, repulsed the world back in 2010 with its human centipede cookies, squeezable puss cupcakes and vagina dentata sponges. Now the over-18s emporium of sweet iniquity is back for Halloween and is set to be bigger and more gruesome than before. Eat Your Heart Out 2012 is on the lookout for the most creative bakers and cake artists & food artists to fire up their mixers and invoke some demonic treats. These will then be sold in the EYHO pop-up shop, to be housed in an eerily unsettling location. If you have a steady hand and a strong stomach for making delicious yet bad taste cakes, horrifically anatomical sugary sculptures or downright rude cupcakes, then get involved.

The Defiled opening EYHO in 2010 –

The theme – Eat Your Heart Out: The Morgue Years x Carnival Kids

Image show is for a ‘casualty simulation’ doll from a company of the same name –

Need inspiration? You can see our last menu at or listen to The Futureheads, Carnival Kids.

To take part, please send ideas of your baked tricks and treats to by 31 July 2012, or share on the Miss Cakehead Facebook page. We work with cake makers on all levels / scales so even if you have not sold your cakes before, but it’s something you’d love to try then get in touch! At this stage we are interested in everything edible…