Rip Your Heart Out Cupcakes

And there you have it – yet more proof that the Valentine’s Day pop up for EYHO will be a million miles away from traditional ‘romantic’ cupcakes. In fact I am thinking of banning pink, just how we ban spiders, witches, hats, broomsticks etc from the normal EYHO Halloween events. These incredible cupcakes are from new EYHOer Kay Gajra. Having had my heart ripped out and stomped on more times that I can remember (hence the Love Will Tear Us Apart tattoo) these have really struck a chord with me. Also I love the idea of using strong graphics as ‘romantic’ cupcake toppers not fluffy traditional Valentine’s Day nonsense!



I am pretty sure these urgh but medically correct cupcakes from Sarah Hardy will be one of the top sellers at EYHO this year. Educational and gross it’s hard to think of a better Halloween cupcake, and besides spiders, witches, cats, pumpkins, ghost and all the other cake decorating cliches are banned!

Not for the feint hearted here is the image the original cupcake was based on. Enjoy your breakfast people!!!

Feral Fanny – eyeballs & noses

So Twitter user @feralfanny is our latest EYHO baker – also a well known and published professional cake maker their true identity is to remain a closely hidden secret.  However their treats can be shared…. check out these GROSS infected eye ball cupcakes, and old man’s nose cakes which they will be selling at the shop.

Old Man Nose cakes from @feralfanny


infected Eyeball Cupcakes – YUM




Mole Cupcakes

(better images to follow)

These Mole cupcakes, by Tattoo Cakes, will come with a leaflet highlighting the dangers of skin cancer and what symptoms to look out for on yourselves and others. The moles which are dangerous – and should be seen by a medical professional – will be in red cupcake cases to really hit the point home. Edible science communication is the way forward and if these cause just one person to seek medical advice in time for treatment then these have got to be some of the best cupcakes ever right?