Game of Thrones Food Art

This years trendiest Easter Eggs? Has to be those themed around the Game of Thrones – a fantasy television series I’ve never really got into to be honest. A massive cult hit the show has seen a nest of various Game of Thrones Easter Eggs pop up online. Here are some of my top picks:

First up the Jacquie LongLegs whose eggs are shown below, click the link and there is even a how to video so you can make your own.


Then there’s these cookies from Semi Sweet Designs:



Then there is this version below which was sent out as part of a Sky Atlantic press pack and I would love to know who made it.


If you have not got a sweet tooth then you can learn how to make non edible versions here.

Of course with such a massive edible item inspired by Game of Thrones are not limited to eggs. This cake below is from Jane Reyes.


From Moonlight Bakery

From Moonlight Baker


By Not Your Momma's Cookies

By Not Your Momma’s Cookies

From Regali Kitchen

From Regali Kitchen

Regali Kitchen

Regali Kitchen


















Chocolate Jesus

This piece of art may be 6 years old now but I am of the opinion great art gets better with age…

It was in 2007 that artist Cosimo Cavallaro created this 6ft tall anatomically correct life sized chocolate sculpt of Jesus – containing enough chocolate for him to live off for approximately eight months. More than 200 pounds of chocolate, containing approximately 480,000 calories, were used; whatever you views are of the subject matter you have to admire the structures in place which kept this piece together in the crucifix position. The name of the piece “My Sweet Lord” (of course).

chocolate-jesus--large-msg-128027428426 jesus illus071031 Chocolate Jesus snapz-pro-xscreensnapz004 *Mar 29 - 00:05*

Of course very predictably people with nothing better to do with their time got all hot under the collar and attacked the artist for insulting someone who may not have even existed in the first place…

Oh and there is also this – Chocolate Jesus by Tom Waits

The Ultimate Skull Wedding Cake

I love that I get to work with people such as Anna – talking about their incredible work really is a joy. So anyway what follows is one of the most inventive wedding cakes I have ever seen – talk about love at first fright. Beautiful and classy but still different I think that without a shadow of doubt this will be the star of the show at an alternative wedding she is taking part this weekend.

DSC_0057 DSC_0035

Food artist Annabel de Vetten, also known as Conjurer’s Kitchen, created this incredible skull wedding cake for the Eclectic Wedding Extravaganza in Birmingham this weekend. Her theme being ” ‘Til Death Do Us Part”.

It features solid chocolate skulls of 16 carrion crows, 12 domestic kittens, 3 Vervet monkeys, and 4 barn owls, all of which the artist sculpted by hand. Made from White Chocolate Mudcake, the cake took her over 100  hours to complete in total. There are two options of toppers: a chocolate conjoined kitten skull, or dried flowers from an actual wedding bouquet (ones shown here from her own).

You can find more out about her work at

Anna also created the giant Easter Island Head cake for the Tate & Lyle tasting house project closing today.

Serotonin Salted Caramels

I know we have the anatomical pop up this week but before we focus on hearts on for a week I wanted to share these fairly moving (in an odd way) Serotonin Salted Caramels from Miss Insomnia Tulip – who is a truly unique food artist and one of a kind. Lots more coming on The Depressed Cake Shop in a few weeks…


Chocolate gets right to the heart of sexual pleasure by increasing the brain’s level of serotonin, the feel-good brain chemical. Serotonin plays a major role in positive mood, emotional health, proper sleep and balanced appetite, contributing to numerous behavioral and physiological functions. Decreased serotonin is a well-known factor in cases of depression. Increased brain serotonin promoted by chocolate increases sexual excitation, desire and responsiveness.

The Helpers – Horror Movie Edible Installation

See a video on the behind the scenes of this project here.

So last night we opened The Helpers – a experiential experience serving cocktails and cake all themed around the movie of the same name – a stunt for Koch Media. The creations were incredible and (never thought I would say this) we pushed the limits so far we are all looking forward to some pretty cake projects for Valentine’s Day and beyond. You can see all the cakes over on Miss Cakehead’s Facebook page, and them featured on This Morning here. Just bear in mind they were for a horror film so they are made to the brief set by our client Koch Media. We have not just lost our minds and started making really dark cakes. In fact the chocolate gun was so disturbing and realistic we gave it as an extra present to someone who has always been massively supportive of our work (I had to get it out of there!). Huge thanks to Original Content London for creating an awesome and very disturbing set.

72499_328584207249936_2059192090_n 555261_328584137249943_555278008_n 207678_328583713916652_278457601_n 602968_328583530583337_192490930_n 530669_328583417250015_1699733795_n 72810_328582920583398_1852489022_n 394787_328582560583434_677008140_n 64225_328582230583467_736784255_n 76911_328582173916806_54534842_n 406062_328581857250171_2109520638_n 734759_328581537250203_323107970_n 45950_328581503916873_1587579962_n

Chocolate Skull – Ossuary of the Chapel of St.Michael

The Conjurer’s Kitchen is on fire at the moment, and I mean that in a good way rest so assured it’s not that her cakes are being burnt!!! Her vision enables her to revisit old classics such as the chocolate skulls and give them a unique never seen before twist. So looking forward to working with her throughout 2013, first up The Helpers DVD pop up on the 17th January where she will be creating something truly horrifying! Whilst it would seem obvious to create skulls inspired buy the Ossuary of the Chapel of St.Michael to my knowledge no one has thought of it before, and that’s what gives CK the edge. Plus of course her skill to execute it personally. You can buy a fully personalised skull on the EYHO shop here. 

Chocolate Hallstatt Skull

73687_514643811902366_935979568_n 545344_514643835235697_1980985473_n 406741_514643778569036_1572789376_n 578012_514643758569038_1385598321_n

Chocolate Eel


This incredible 100% edible chocolate eel from Cakes For Breakfast is the latest addition to Chris’s series of astonishing chocolates which form part of “Robyn’s Chocolate Museum of Natural”. Other creatures created in chocolate for the series, or about to be, include the Great Crested Newt, earthworm, snails and even a slug.


These eels were to form one of  the main characters in an edible diorama mimicking their natural habitat, including a pond of course. It was made for the Experimental Food Society exhibition which was cancelled with very short notice by which time most things had already been made for it. I have seen sooooooo many incredible things from people who have had their time wasted by this I am going to try and share as many of the incredible creations which were lined up possible. This particular exhibit would have been accompanied by a museum shop, serving as a buffet…


Great Crested Newt in 100% chocolate

Slug made from 100% chocolate

Slug made from 100% chocolate

Hyper Realistic Solid Chocolate Baby Heads! MUST SEE!!!

One thing I am passionate about with this crazy Eat Your Heart Out business is to continue to push the limits of edible art – well get the cake makers to push the limits to be precise – and create things which have never been seen before. These incredible baby heads from Conjurer’s Kitchen a case in point. I also think it is this ethos which leads to the creation of viral marketing, PR & advertising stunts – such as the Resident Evil Human Butchery – when doing my proper job as a freelance creative director. 

A private commission (that’s all we can say), they are solid white chocolate baby heads, and the same size as the head of your average newborn baby. They also  TERRIFY me! As I was tweeting earlier there is something SO disturbing about these heads but I just can’t put my finger on it. Maybe it’s as they have no body, or maybe it’s just as they are a baby’s head?!? Either way I am so proud to be heading up a movement which leads to the creation of amazing edible works of art just like these.  We’ll be using them in a project very soon I am sure!!!