Chocolate Starfish AKA Bum Hole Cupcake

Tattoo Cakes will be selling these bum hole cupcakes at Eat Your Heart Out in October – love one of the comments on her Facebook page regarding this cupcake:

My husband thinks I should be ashamed of myself…..on the contrary I am proud of it! << Totally agree this is amazing and we all know from embarrassing bodies there is no need to be shy. Not sure if I could eat more than one of these though. Once again all the hard work which goes into EYHO is totally worth it when all these beautiful cake makers go feral and produce amazing results such as this. Nicola will also be selling some other cupcakes and we’ll share news on these soon…

Resident Evil Dining

I don’t care what I have to do but I really have to go to Japan this year – for starters check this RE restaurant out. Apologies for the total arse piece presenter in the video here but it does tell you a little more information.

Now I love a good themed restaurant but I am totally and utterly obsessed with the love hotel culture in Japan – a love hotel containing rooms specifically designed for f*cking to put it bluntly. Or as Wired summed up:

For decades Japan’s love hotels have provided a place for couples to enjoy anonymous, uninterrupted sex. Politician and secretary, teacher and student, husband and hooker — all are welcome, as long as they pay in cash and leave when the time limit is up. But 2006 spawned a new type of love hotel. Decorated with theme park interiors and equipped with game consoles, karaoke boxes and sex machines — these establishments provide kinky fun for all types, from fetishists and sadomasochists to the ordinary couple seeking sexual adventure. 

Felt compelled to share some images of said hotels which fascinate me on a design / creative level not a fetish fantasy one. The Bat Cave one is ridiculous and I have no idea how this could turn anyone on. But that said each to their own and lest we forget people are strange and large groups of people are already into things such as Klismaphilia (deriving sexual pleasure from receiving an enema). Anyway back to the love hotels imagery – it’s hard to choose but the Christmas themed hotel has to be up there in terms of the most random. It’s also glorious that Christmas Eve is one of the busiest times of year for these rooms…

You have to watch this video even if just for the demo of the fake traffic noise so a cheating husband can pretend he is stuck in traffic not this mistress. Anyhow time for me to start saving for that airfare to Japan!

Disfiguring Faces With Buttercream

Thanks to @FlordeXeres who tweeted me the link to these really cool images from Ashkan Honarvar as featured on one of my favorite blogs Street Anatomy.

Ashkan says his work, “constitutes a search for a universal representation of the evil latent in every human, providing an opportunity for reflection. His aesthetic dissection has an intriguing macabre nature, which opens the images to interpretation.

I just like to say these works creep the heck out of me – there is something in the mixture of disfigurement and delicious candy which makes it totally unpalatable. Never less wanted to lick off the buttercream (my bad cupcake eating habit).

It’s not just a sweet thing, his other work intrigues me just as much, and I have posted some meaty picks below. I have not flagged as NSFW but I think the below are ok right?.. Let me know as nothing is NSFW in my world sometimes it is hard to gauge.

Marzipan Cesarean & ‘Friends’ (NSFW)

Apologies to those of you who may have already read about Helga’s astonishing work on Cakehead Loves Evil, it’s a given I remain incredibly excited she is taking part in The Edible Autopsy and will be creating our corpse. The images on this post featuring some of her previous work should give you an indication of how realistic this will look, especially the marzipan cesarean (above).


Helga began using marzipan as a material after seeing an image of Dame Barbara Cartland (below – yes that is made from MARZIPAN!) and felt compelled to create a sculpture of her. Because she looked so “artificially sugary” marzipan was chosen as a medium. Following this Helga really came into her own creating more anatomically correct sculptures including animal organs and rotting pig heads from the same medium.

I’ve leave you with a comment from Helga which will leave no doubt in anyone’s mind she is is absolutely perfect for our devilish endeavors.

“It seemed to prove that sweet material cannot only create ‘cute’ things. On the contrary – the bitter sweet side tempted me”

Read more about Helga Petrau-Heinzel here.