Download the latest EYHO 2012 menu here.

There are some really innovative & original range of anatomical Halloween treats on sale at Eat Your Heart Out this year – all which are exclusive to Eat Your Heart Out 2012 and a links to a few personal highlights included below.

For the first time ever we will also have a bar serving some unique cocktails such as the Stool Sample & a cocktail inspired by the stomach contents of a suicide victim.

Reservations will be taken for the large show cakes with more information on this to follow – we are also considering running a Twitter reservation system for some of our most popular cakes. IMPORTANT: in order to reserve cakes you need to have one of our limited free tickets which you can get here.

Blood & Vein Marmalade – Animal Mineral Vegetable

STD Cupcakes – Two Little Cats Bakery

Skin Cakes (LARGE CAKES) – Dead Bright

Life sized anatomically correct chocolate skull in a choice of milk or white chocolate. Each skull will have evidence of a fatal wound such as gun shots or fractured skull – Two Little Cats Bakery

Icing Sugar Spleen Cupcakes – Leshie Loves Cake

Anatomically Illustrated Cupcakes – Tattoo Cakes

Anatomical Macarons – Organ Box Set: Miss Insomnia Tulip

Hand Painted Anatomical Illustration Macarons: Miss Insomnia Tulip

Necrotizing Fasciitis Cake: Quirky Cookies & Cakes

Lung Cancer Cookies & Edible Fag Butt box set: Nevie Pie Cakes
Natasha will also be hosting a class so you can learn how to create these yourself – more details on the EYHO Facebook events page.

Dead Face Cupcakes: Buttercream Bakery

(LARGE CAKE) ‘Riddled’ a tiered wedding cake featuring the cell structures of STD’s: Two Little Cats Bakery

Herpes Chocolate Slabs: Two Little Cats Bakery

HPV Cake Truffles: Two Little Cats Bakery

Chlamydia Cookies: Two Little Cats Bakery

(LARGE CAKE) Victorian style anatomical wax head with exposed brain (life sized): Cake Conjurer

Cocktail cultures/ jelly petri dishes: Cake Conjurer

A Trio of Toenail Fungus Cookies: Nevie Pie Cakes

Marzipan Fingers: Cake Conjurer

Polycystic ovary cupcakes: Leshie Loves Cake

Polycystic Kidney Cake: Cakes by Victoria

Trio of painted cookie ears – Nevie Pie Cakes

(LARGE CAKE) Polycistic Kidney Disease Cake – Cakes by Victoria

Chocolate Starfish (Bum Hole Cupcakes) – Tattoo Cakes

Mole Cupcakes (a concept conceived to highlight the dangers of skin cancer) – Tattoo Cakes

Red Blood Cell Cupcakes – Denise Bakes Cakes

Truffled brains: Rachel and Freya

Old Man Noses: Feral Fanny

Infected Eyeball Cupcakes: Feral Fanny 

Blood Splashed Cupcakes – Swallow Cakes

Red Blood Cell Iced Gems – Nevie Pie Cakes

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