2010 Gallery

Official ‘Eat Your Heart Out & The PRETOX Potion’ photography gallery – copyright Nathan Pask 2010. You are welcome to use these images please just credit Nathan & link to us. Thought we should mention that as we have so many requests!

Miss Cakehead & ‘Vagina Dentata’ cake from Holly Clarke

Miss Cakehead with vagina dentata cake from Holly Clarke

Oliver Bolton, MD Alibi with the PRETOX Potion

Jellymongers Bompas & Parr / Cake pop from Molly Bakes

Artist Pete Fowler with eyeball cake from Eleanor Stuart

George Morton-Clark with heart & maggot cake from Black Cherry Bakery

Click here to see behind the scenes at the video shoot


Photographer – Nathan Pask

Photographers assistant – Simon Pollock

Photographers assistant – Andras Bartok

Stylist – Siouxsie

Stylists assistant –  Ksenia Lesnykh

Clothing – Prangsta Costumiers

Hair – Kim Roy

Makeup – Charlotte Cowen

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