“The evil genius of British creative Miss Cakehead, a PR and events expert turned Dr Frankenstein offondant” – The Independent

Salutations, you fine young cake-eaters, and welcome to The Evil Cake Shop; brain, heart and spleen-child of Miss Cakehead, Freelance Creative Director and Pqrt-Time Curator of Cakes. Make yourselves comfortable, have a nosey around and get your fingers sticky as you sample some of the naughtiest wares never to grace a common bakery.

The Evil Cake Shop has been shock-chocking the innocent and not-so-innocent since 2010, when Miss Cakehead and her team of reprobate bakers fashioned the world’s first 18+ cake shop, Eat your Heart Out & The PRETOX Potion (supported by Alibi PRETOX). It followed our summer event Cake Britain, a 100% edible art exhibition (supported by Tate & Lyle).

We coordinated pop ups throughout the UK, taking pride in a precise anatomical approach to cake that meant realistically filthy sugar-spun gashes of flesh, gruesome gouged-out eyes and fearsome vagina dentata. These cakes were literally to die for.

And now Eat Your Heart Out is back for 2012, more devilish and decadent than ever. Exhibits and exhibitionism will be documented for your titillation and salivation; every naughty little DD cup-cake, every dirty little tart will be blogged here to keep you a-breast of events and the ridiculously talented people we meet along the way.

Ever keen for the taste of something new, we’re also on the look-out for cake bakers who have the heart and, indeed, the stomach to bake up more sick treats. If your cakes are more carnal than carnival, please do get in touch.

Eat Your Heart Out’s diverse cliental has included The London Dungeons, Torture Garden and the Kerrang! Awards. For those with a less than sweet-tooth (vaginal or otherwise) we have pioneered the infamous ‘human sausage’ for the Edinburgh Dungeons: sausages made to taste exactly like human flesh!

The Evil Cake Shop is the place that allows your imagination to plumb the depths of deviance and soar to the highest ecstasies of bad-taste and good-flavour. We concede to being an acquired taste so, for those who prefer their pastries PG or become queasy at the thought of consuming (fake) human flesh, make your way over here to explore our other edible projects. Read about delightful Cakey Perry (a ‘Katy Perry’ inspire High Tea), Cakes for Japan (a sushi cupcake pop up to raise money for the Red Cross following the 2011 tsunami) and Poke 10 (a series of websites-inspired dessert tables to celebrate Poke’s tenth birthday).

Here, you can have your cake. And eat it out.

10 thoughts on “Background

  1. What a fantastic idea for a cake, and while not eat and learn at the same time.
    Here’s hoping the shop will be open again for Halloween,

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