Game of Thrones Food Art

This years trendiest Easter Eggs? Has to be those themed around the Game of Thrones – a fantasy television series I’ve never really got into to be honest. A massive cult hit the show has seen a nest of various Game of Thrones Easter Eggs pop up online. Here are some of my top picks:

First up the Jacquie LongLegs whose eggs are shown below, click the link and there is even a how to video so you can make your own.


Then there’s these cookies from Semi Sweet Designs:



Then there is this version below which was sent out as part of a Sky Atlantic press pack and I would love to know who made it.


If you have not got a sweet tooth then you can learn how to make non edible versions here.

Of course with such a massive edible item inspired by Game of Thrones are not limited to eggs. This cake below is from Jane Reyes.


From Moonlight Bakery

From Moonlight Baker


By Not Your Momma's Cookies

By Not Your Momma’s Cookies

From Regali Kitchen

From Regali Kitchen

Regali Kitchen

Regali Kitchen



















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