The Helpers Cocktails

We’re really excited by our pop up The Helpers experience which opens in London this Friday. As always delighted to be working with James Dance who has pulled out all the stops on a range of cocktails also inspired by the horror dvd from Koch Media.




The rest of the menu also offers hints as to the delights in store! To be honest I am not sure if I can stomach them despite the fact I know they will be utterly delicious. What do you think?


Blood Bath

A mixture of Chambord, Lychee Liqueur, White Rum, Merlot, Cranberry Juice, Fresh Lime. Just watch out for the blood clots…



If you’re worried about making a mess, help yourself to one of our complimentary sick bags, just ignore the previous users efforts. Clotted cream rice pudding, maple syrup, Baileys, Vodka, Vanilla Ice Cream, Orange Zest, Nuts, dessicated coconut and a few unidentified chunks



One for the sadists with a 3ml dose of pleasure/pain in the form of Chilli Vodka, Lemon Juice and salt



Perfect for cleansing the palate and the crime scene. Pernod, Martini, Peach Water. Just don’t light up nearby…


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