A Feast For The Senses





This Friday we will be at a really cool event at Imperial College in London. Called ‘A Feast For the Senses‘ it’s free entry for all and billed as a “festive journey through an emporium of edible sensations.  Explore a fusion of food and drink, agriculture, medicine and more at this feast of hands-on research.







We’re going to be making a full christmas dinner entirely from cake (yes even sprouts). Some of the other installations there sound amazing and in particular I can’t wait to see CO2 sorbet direct from a fire extinguisher and learn how to make your own plasma (yes PLASMA) with grapes and a microwave. Oh and I’ll be talking about how cake can be used in science comunication and hope to see you all there.


To get you warmed up here are some classic diet coke and Mento experiments. In brief water molecules are strongly attracted to one another and will collect around a bubble of carbon dioxide that is found in the soda, forming a sort of coating.







Anatomical Heart Lollipops


Loving these anatomical heart chocolate lollipops from Cake For Breakfast which we’ll be selling at our anatomical heart themed pop up gift store in London from the 8th – 10th February. Working with Anatomical Snuffbox (more of that later) we’ll be selling a mixture of anatomical heart gifts and edible treats.