Chocolate Skull – Ossuary of the Chapel of St.Michael

The Conjurer’s Kitchen is on fire at the moment, and I mean that in a good way rest so assured it’s not that her cakes are being burnt!!! Her vision enables her to revisit old classics such as the chocolate skulls and give them a unique never seen before twist. So looking forward to working with her throughout 2013, first up The Helpers DVD pop up on the 17th January where she will be creating something truly horrifying! Whilst it would seem obvious to create skulls inspired buy the Ossuary of the Chapel of St.Michael to my knowledge no one has thought of it before, and that’s what gives CK the edge. Plus of course her skill to execute it personally. You can buy a fully personalised skull on the EYHO shop here. 

Chocolate Hallstatt Skull

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2 thoughts on “Chocolate Skull – Ossuary of the Chapel of St.Michael

  1. Awesome!

    By the way, I tried to click the “our shop” link in your left sidebar, but the link doesn’t work – it looks like it points to a generic “your shop” link which would be different for everyone. For example, it asked me to log in so I could visit my shop.

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