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So EYHO has been & gone – we sold over 3500 sweet treats and every item was a total sell out (apart from the cupcake I accidentally sat on). For those who don’t know, Eat Your Heart Out is a non for profit event I run every year to showcase my personal creativity, PR skills and, most importantly, the talent of UK based bakers.  I work as a freelance creative in PR / Marketing / Advertising (I can’t bake or decorate cakes for love nor money) and the only way I can showcase my skills to the extent they naturally draw the attention of brands and agencies  is to ‘show boat’ once a year with events such as this. With insane amounts of coverage in 23 different countries, plus national broadcast pieces in both the UK and the US (with more to come) I am going to call EYHO 2012 as a hit! You can view a small percentage of this coverage on the press section of this website and am delighted to say my interview with London Tonight can NOT be viewed online.

Massive thanks to everyone who made Eat Your Heart out a success this year – all the bakers (full blog roll to follow later in the week), St Bart’s Pathology Museum for hosting the event, Nathan Pask and all of his team for photography, Emily Evans and Zoe Rutherford for being awesome, James Dance for making gross cocktails, Kraken Rum for supporting us with lots of delicious product, Carla Valentine for curating a series of talks in the space, the press and social media community for being beyond supportive and most of all everyone who came to buy cakes.  As my sanity safety blanket extra thanks and love must go to Natasha Collins AKA Nevie Pie Cakes from whom I have learnt so much.

As I have been asked this about a million times I can also confirm there WILL be an event in 2013 – the same ethos of course but a totally different theme & location with more news on that coming soon.

If you are interested in what I do for a normal job please head to Miss Cakehead, or for random events and generally macabre cake madness follow this blog / join the ‘Miss Cakehead’ Facebook group.

Once again thank you to EVERYONE, I am totally overwhelmed by the feedback and response to EYHO 2012.

Gores truly & bake wishes, Miss Cakehead

Images copyright Mariam Silybum

Anatomical Chocolate Venus from Cake for Breakfast – she’s has since been re-homed from EYHO to my bedroom. I adore this so much.

Maggot cupcakes – a massive hit from Sarah Hardy

We sold more than just cakes – this was from Animal Mineral Vegetable

Coldsore cupcakes were another smash hit – made by Tattoo Cakes

Urine Sample drinks were a sell out at EYHO – thanks to James Dance for making

EYHO 2010 was all about the vagina cupcake – this year it was all about the anal warts!

Eat Your Heart Out 2012 – Kindly Supported by Kraken

Eat Your Heart Out 2012 is kindly supported by (the utterly delicious) Kraken Rum.


So EYHO 2012 is almost upon us, we open on 1100 Friday!!! All the information you should need can be found on this site but if you have any questions it may be best to tweet us including #EYHO so someone on the team can get back to you ASAP, it may not be me (@miss_cakehead).

Before the set up for the press night (invite only) tomorrow I wanted to take a moment to thank all the amazing cake makers for bringing my vision to life, Carla Connolly from St Bart’s Pathology Museum for co-curating, Kraken for providing us with oodles of their ruddy gorgeous rum, all the press for taking this crazy hobby of mine to their hearts and of course everyone who has said wonderful things and is planning to come and buy cakes. Please do remember to come and buy them; they were made with love and are very tasty as the massive increase in the size of my bum is testament to!

Since EYHO in 2010 we have made some improvements to the logistics which should make your delicious deviant treat shopping all the better. We are in a much larger location which should mean no queues, and for the really hardcore EYHO fans we offered free fast track tickets (all of which are now sold out). However do remember EYHO is a cake shop and open to one and all so please just pop along. We’ve kept the prices low and affordable with cupcakes from £3 as we wanted this to be an event accessible to all.

For the first time ever we also have a bar in this space which is kindly supported by Kraken, and at which the wonderful James Dance of Loading will be creating cocktails such as ‘Stool Sample’ and ‘Stomach Contents of a Suicide Victim’. They are all priced at £8, except the ‘urine’ shot which is £5 and served warm for authenticity of course. They’ll also be some Kraken rum cakes on offer – the spiced nature of the rum making the most delicious Rum Baba I have ever eaten.



Another new element this year are also the lectures organised by Carla, all of which sound genuinely fascinating, and support some of the key educational messages of our cakes. Last but not least I also want to thank the curator of St Bart’s Pathology Musuem Paola Domizio for supporting the event and allowing us to use this wonderful space.

Pathology Museums, such as the one at St Bart’s, were originally built to help educate medical students. With education being the main focus behind the anatomical theme of Eat Your Heart Out 2012 the event is perfectly at home within the walls of our museum. We aspire to engage with those who would never normally entertain learning about pathology or medical science, and continue the work of pioneers before us who have helped to further the study of disease using unorthodox or unusual teaching techniques. Eat Your Heart and St Bart’s Pathology Museum will prove the theory that when communicating about scientific topic unexpected mediums are the most effective in gaining public engagement.

You can read the full statement by Bart’s here.

Thanks again to all and hope to see you all there,

Gores truly, Miss Cakehead x

PS: Exciting news on a year round way to buy our cakes coming soon…



I am pretty sure these urgh but medically correct cupcakes from Sarah Hardy will be one of the top sellers at EYHO this year. Educational and gross it’s hard to think of a better Halloween cupcake, and besides spiders, witches, cats, pumpkins, ghost and all the other cake decorating cliches are banned!

Not for the feint hearted here is the image the original cupcake was based on. Enjoy your breakfast people!!!

Histology Plates

Anatomical plates are perfect for our cakes!

Cakehead Loves Evil

So proud of my friend Emily Evans in producing this range of Histology plates.

In case you were wondering what Histology is:

The study of the microscopic anatomy of cells and tissues. Tissue sections are stained and examined under a microscope.

Michelle Spear, Clinical Anatomist at Cambridge University, (originally a Histologist) provided the original images for these plates to Emily, preparing slides of various human tissues which she then stained and scanned in for the project.

The plates are 19” bone china cake plates, available in 8 different human tissue designs.

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Trashed Trifle Cake

Not on sale at EYHO but more than worthy of a post… Nevie Pie made this trashed trifle cake for a creative agency who wanted something special for a coffee morning (it won first prize in a hastily arranged new category). It was really three fruit cakes, marzipan cheese and cookie cigarettes!The concept revisited a concept of the after party table for the Kerrang! Awards. To reiterate you are NOT seeing a trifle you are seeing a cake decorated to look like one.