Gross Fungus Toe Nail Cookies

Normally Natasha makes stunning hand painted wedding cakes and cookies, including gingerbread houses which Selfridges sold last Christmas. But when Nevie Pie Cakes goes feral (normally my fault to be fair) she really goes for it. Check out these cookies which she will be selling at EYHO and make me feel sick. It’s the more subtle treats which always have that effect on me and I honestly don’t know how she managed not to throw up looking at the reference image for these!  Before I get the blame the gross level of these cookies was entirely her idea.

16 thoughts on “Gross Fungus Toe Nail Cookies

  1. […] We recently posted about Miss Insomnia Tulip’s delightful anatomical macaron cookies which were created for Miss Cakehead’s upcoming Eat Your Heart Out:This Time It’s Anatomical 18+ pop-up cake shop. Now, specialty cake-maker Natasha of Nevie-Pie Cakes has unveiled her delightfully disgusting offerings for the shop, fungus toe nail cookies & bloodied ear cookie pops. […]

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