Polycistic Kidney Disease Cake

These delicious cakes of Polycistic Kidney Disease will be on sale at Eat Your Heart Out – stunning attention to detail from Cakes by Victoria.

Oh and this is what the real thing looks like…


Eat Your Heart Out – Anatomical Cocktails

Eat Your Heart Out – Anatomical Cocktails

We are so excited at being able to have a bar in the Eat Your Heart Out space this year which leads me to this… A variety of disturbing medically inspired cocktails will be on sale at Miss Cakehead’s Eat Your Heart Out being held from the 26th – 29th October. Stool samples, stomach contents of a suicide victim and charred remains of a suicide bomber just some of the inspiration for the range of cocktails.

 The cocktails are being created by James Dance of Loading, a Falmouth based internet café and games arcade and go way beyond anything seen before.   For example the flavoured vodka in ‘Stomach Contents’ hasn’t been skimmed to purposefully ensure it will visibly contain the perfect teenage diet of chocolate pieces and skittles, the drink garnished with empty pill casings. A shot of absinthe on the top will be reflective of the green hue of stomach bile.

Cocktail inspired by the stomach contents of a teenage suicide victim

Charred Remains was inspired by the remains of a suicide bomber

Other drinks on the menu include:

‘Charred Remains’  made from vodka and Jack Daniels with a crispy meat garnish. The ‘Stool Sample’ being a creamy drink with cocoa, strawberry syrup & fudge pieces used to give the medically correct consistency of a sample. ‘Fat’ will come with a solid fatty layer on top made from white chocolate melted and reset to create the effect and the ingredients of the ‘Sanitizer’ cocktail are designed to cleanse your palette. Finally the ‘Urine’ cocktail (below middle) will come in a sample bottle, and is also offered warm for those who are after an even more authentic experience and can stomach the added reality.

Stool Sample – press will able to sample this cocktail in advance at the launch for Resident Evil 6

Spanning over 3 days from 26-28th October the cake shop will sell ONLY 100% anatomically or scientifically correct educational treats in a nod to it’s location at St Bart’s Pathology Museum in London. Alongside Miss Cakehead the museum’s, Carla Valentine, will be curating the cakes on sale drawing on her years of experience working in morgues, preserving anatomical human specimens and running the Shoreditch based Clandestine Cake Club to help deliver the world’s most unique cake shop, and an innovative form of science communication.

Urine Sample (can also be served warm)

Commenting on the collaboration with Miss Cakehead James comments:

“For Eat Your Heart Out the real challenge was to try and make some drink that worked with the anatomical nature of the event, focusing on bodily fluids being too limiting. Instead I took a crime scene body outline as inspiration and tried to cover every area of the body. Of course cocktails such as the ‘Stool Sample’ and ‘Urine’ were so obvious I could not resist including them. As with the cakes each drink will be disgusting to look they will all taste amazing, horror being in peoples minds and the connections they make.” 

The solid layer of ‘lard’ on top of this creamy cocktail is actually melted then set white chocolate

Brilliantly the contents of the Sanitiser are designed to clense your pallet

All photography copyright Will Edgecombe 2012

Gross Fungus Toe Nail Cookies

Normally Natasha makes stunning hand painted wedding cakes and cookies, including gingerbread houses which Selfridges sold last Christmas. But when Nevie Pie Cakes goes feral (normally my fault to be fair) she really goes for it. Check out these cookies which she will be selling at EYHO and make me feel sick. It’s the more subtle treats which always have that effect on me and I honestly don’t know how she managed not to throw up looking at the reference image for these!  Before I get the blame the gross level of these cookies was entirely her idea.

Painting cakes & marshmallow hearts

Wanted to update the site with some images of the most recent ‘test bakes’ for Eat Your Heart Out from Miss Insomnia Tulip and The Conjurer’s Kitchen  – if you are a Facebook fan you would have already seen all of these so apologies. Goes without saying all of these will be on sale at Eat Your Heart Out this year.

Miss Insomnia Tulip created this painted fruitcake featuring vintage anatomical illustrations

Miss Insomnia Tulip made these DNA cake pops on sale at Eat Your Heart Out

Marshmallow hearts from the Kitchen Conjurer

Anatomical Macarons – MUST SEE!

Miss Insomnia Tulip is one of those super talented people who just don’t get how ground breaking their work really is. Sure people have made rabbits, teddy bears and even heart shaped macarons before but she is the first person I have seen really take the humble macaron to the next level in terms of presentation. Something she had previously done with cake pops such as these blow up doll ones and the now infamous Leveson Inquiry set.

Beyond excited at being able to sell such jaw dropping macaron based anatomical delights at our shop (forget places like Fortnum & Masons we are THE place to go for Halloween treats).  When Miss IT starting painting on macarons I loved the innovation of it (I am a macaron fiend and normally use my friend Ross as an excuse to buy them whenever his band is playing in London), and am slightly staggered at how the boundaries of creativity with macs continue to be pushed and broken by her astonishing talent. Remember these are all created using traditional macaron mixture…

You can see below some of the range she will be selling at EYHO, both in full sets such as hearts, and in organ specific packs. Have a feeling you’ll need to get there early if you want to get your bloody hands on any of these for your Halloween party.

Oh and she will also be selling things such as this ‘Small Pox Surprise’ – White Chocolate Rocky Road Traybake with Pistachio, Jelly Fruits, Macadamia Nuts and Chocolate Chips. Who knew deadly diseases could be so tasty!


Petri Dish Delights

The lovely Cake Conjurer has cooked up these delicious petri dish delights for EYHO this year. In her own words:

The red ones are strawberry vodka jelly with heavy cream, the other one is with royal icing. Kind of a ‘fizz’ effect. The dark ones are Espresso Martinis with heavy cream and Bailey’s jelly dots. This first lot of those were a bit foamy looking so I’m making more. I’m doing other ones too, so I’ll keep you posted. I’m loving these. Jelly and booze- I’m in heaven!! Oh and I’m going to get some different jelly/Jell-o flavours and colours when I’m in the States next month, stuff you can’t get here.

Can’t wait!

Cake with removable heart…

Whoop another official Eat your Heart Out (well, more eat your heart ‘in’) submission idea, this time from medical artist Emily Evans who has enlisted her sisters awesome baking skills to bring her vision to life. Emily said:

It will be as life-like and yummy as possible with blood red sponge, marzipan fat etc… Since I drew this I’ve actually found some great retractors in my ‘surgical instrument drawer’ we could use to make it even more realistic. I was thinking of having some edible blood-covered surgical gloves as an accessory too. It will be actual size and the heart can be taken out of it’s bloody wound.

YUM!!! I do love that sketch and need to think of a way it can end up on my desk 😉