Exciting News – Pathology Based Cake Shop

Beyond delighted to say that Eat Your Heart Out 2 will be held in the St Barts Pathology Museum in London from October 26th – 28th. Working closely with the wonderful Carla Valentine, EYHO is going 100% anatomically correct & educational on your arse. If you want pretty labels on your cakes saying what flavor they are then don’t come… In their place will be some information on the very body part you are about to eat a delicious cake version of. They’ll also be the ultimate cake pathology lecture focusing on REAL conditions such as maple-syrup urine disease, icing sugar spleen and nutmeg liver. Lots more secrets yet to be revealed so be afraid, be very afraid…

Lung cancer cookies below are from Nevie Pie Cakes (and will be on sale in the space if I can persuade her)!

Cake makers wanting to take part then the full brief is here – the pathology theme is fairly open so please fell free to send me over any ideas you have. Eat Your Heart Out is a non for profit organization supporting the art of cake making all brand support welcome.

Now anyone for an icing sugar spleen?..


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