Open Wound Store

Man I LOVE this poster from an amazing specialist open wound store Open Wound FX. Beyond obsessed with their wound stockings too (they will be mine!!!). Via Gorgeous & Gory who do a yearly ridiculously brilliant Zombie pin up calendar.

Painted Chlamydia

Jenni from Two Little Cats Bakery very kindly said we could shared her concept images for ‘Riddled’ an STD inspired show piece wedding cake which will be at EYHO (she had us at painted chlamydia). To say we are excited by amazing ideas such as this is an understatement.

I’ve tried to vary textures/colours and balance out looking at individual cells and also the wider infection. Each tier/feature on this cake can be made into matching cupcakes. A HIV cupcake for example would have a domed top with the spikes, syphilis would have the spirals protruding etc… There’s two chocolate bars – coloured and swirled white chocolate which has been flavoured. Will add some freeze dried raspberries/million sweets for the really dark spots and to add a bit of texture! Top one is Trichomonas Vaginalis; and the second is Herpes Simplex 2.

There are a few more bits she is working on as well but they are being kept a secret… I am sure you can imagine!!!

Pathology Cake Shop Sections

We are beyond excited at all the cake ideas coming in so far for EYHO 2 – there are still a few questions the cake makers are having on the brief though so we wanted to break it down a little more for you…. In short the cake shop is going to be broken into five main areas:
Metabolism = Liver, Spleen, Kidneys, Genito-Urinary, Gastro-Intestinal Tract, Endocrine glands
Cardiorespiratory = Heart, Lungs, Blood Vessels, Blood
Brain and Behaviour = Brain, Central Nervous System, Nerves, eye, ear
Locomotor = Limbs, Bones, Joints, Skin
Human Development = Obstetrics & Gynae, Breast, Male and Female reproduction, STD’s etc
Hope this helps and does not make you even more confused!
Emma & Carla xx

Neuromuscular Junction Cookies

Just found these amazing cookies demonstrating Neuromuscular Junction (let’s pretend I know what that is). They were made by  a (then) 16 year old called  Chelsea Ann Coconut (please let that be her real name), and found via Not So Humble Pie.

I just finished a week of work experience with a neurosurgeon! It was absolutely amazing and to say thanks, I made these cookies. I’m a bit proud 🙂

Hope that provides some inspiration for EYHO 2 boys & girls!