Threadcakes 2012

Whoop Threadcakes is back for 2012 and there are some amazing entires already entered, my favourite of which I have shown below. In short Threadcakes is a competition which invites bakers to interpret any chosen Threadless design in delicious edible cake form. More often than not there are usually a few cakes based on the same design such as the two panda entries below and it’s really interesting to start comparing different approaches if you are a cake geek. There are a few crap cakes in there too already but overall the Threadcakes standard is RIDICULOULSY high (great PR idea too). I’ve said it before, and I will say it again, if you want to discover extreme cake decorating talent then Threadcakes are the competition galleries to browse (plus cake makers are required to show the work in progress so you get lots of cool decorating tips too which is handy if you can bake unlike myself).

One of my past favourite Threadcakes is this ‘Robot House’ – of course nothing to do with my friends the wonderful Futureheads providing the bakers soundtrack in this video 😉

I also think Mamma Jamma Cakes was robbed by not being placed with her incredible 2010 entry…

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