Candyland Sculptures

Move over Will Cotton I have a crush on a new sweet inspired artist. The person in question is Japanese artist Osamu Watanabe who creates sculptures made entirely of sweets. The sugary artificial sweetness of his sculpting material comes across visually in many of his pieces such as the rabbit shown below. It also totally reminds me of a cutesy version of Scott Hove’s Cakeland.

Could not more wish he had been on hand to create my head piece and shoulder pads for the Edible Beach shoot with Nathan Pask for the Cake & Bake Show as shown below.

Picking a favorite piece from his portfolio is a bit like choosing which puppy to have. That said I think it has to be his take on Van Gogh’s Starry Night below as literally thousands of artists have used this piece as inspiration and I have never seen anything like his interpretation before (although of course the infamous Starry Night cake came close).


Anyway that’s that – HAVE to stop being distracted by Pinterest and blogging and crack on with some serious work 😦 In case you are thinking this is not very ‘EYHO’ i have to disagree… imagine all the crazy ‘rude things’ you could create sweet sculptures of?!…


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