Sarah Jones – Cakes & Special Effects

All at EYHO are massive fans of Sarah Jones who, much like The Butcher of Caker Street, combines cake artistry with special effects makeup to create what are simply some of the best cakes I have ever seen. Her latest cake, Zombie Bride (directly below), was inspired by the Haunted Hayride of Horror in Lenoir City, TN, where Sarah creates ghouls with special effects makeup.  When you look at the range of Sarah’s work (zombie Dolly Parton is one of my favourite cakes ever) there is really is no question that decorative cake makers deserve the same recognition, acclaim & budget (!!!) most commonly associated with artists. Show your appreciation and join her Facebook page here. I should also say that Sarah does not sell her cakes – worth mentioning as many of the best cake makers we have found come from a group of those who don’t do it full time for but for love and creativity.  The precise reason why we reach out to people here in the UK who bake for all sorts of different reasons at all our events. I bet all of these taste bloody amazing too.


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