Jelly shots disguised as false teeth

My Jello Americans is my kind of food blog focussing on innovative fun & quirky use of jelly, or as they like to describe themselves:

A more perfect union of gelatin and alcohol

Whilst some of the pieces they have created are super cute (such as Let Sleeping Gnomes Lie shown below) others are massively on trend and very very clever.

Jellogami deserves a mention for the puntastic name alone – as well as being a perfect cupcake topper for any wannabe hipsters…

Before you get all worried and think EYHO is becoming cutesy I hasten to add all of their work also includes some hefty shots of booze which, when combined with designs such as the teeth below, have EYHO written all over them. Seriously how cool are these? For example miles away from your average jelly shots all of the teeth range include raspberry vodka and represent healthy teeth, gold grill, trolley tracks and coffee stained.

There is so much to see and inspire you I would highly recommend having a browse of their site but for now a few more examples of their work is included below.

Bacon & eggs made with Bacon Maple Vodka

Mac & cheese (made with cheese rum)

BLB – bacon, lettuce and bloody mary


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