Kitchen Spice Skulls

If I say yet another artist has created a series of skulls out of some unusual materials I don’t blame you for drifting off to sleep as the concept has literally been done to death… …but wake up as the art of Helen Altman is rather special indeed. She has created a series of skulls created using kitchen spices with the texture of each revealing its true nature — be it Chinese tea, split yellow mung beans or even mustard seed. Some are clearer than others (the citrus peel skull is not an obvious skull at first glance for example, but when shown as a collection these pieces are incredibly strong.

Chinese Tea

In the artists own words:

 “I only use materials that are safe around my home, the best thing about the skulls is that they are ‘all natural’ and safe for wildlife to eat. That is how the series started. I used birdseed to make feeders for the birds. You can buy those bell-shaped pressed-seed feeders at almost every feed and pet store. A skull shape made as much sense (more sense to me) as a ‘bell’ did and I used all sorts of seeds that could be eaten by birds and other wildlife. I mix and pack the skulls on a table in my back yard and there is usually leftover material. If the media is something the birds like, I’ll put it on a feeder for them. Sometimes the media actually sprouts under the table. The homemade ‘glue’ (my own secret recipe) is also edible.”


Mustard Seed


Risotto Rice

Citrus Peel

Chilli Pepper

via Reuse


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