Cake Doggy Dog

As you may already know I am working with Andrew Williams, a respected and experienced food journalist who was latterly acting editor of baking trade bible, British Baker, in setting up Beaten & Creamed (coming soon). It’s a very different (I am being a madam and attempting to trying and ban anything pink) innovative baking magazine, and we’re also working together on the planning of Eat Your Heart Out: The Morgue Years which will serve as the magazine’s official launch. The reason why I am sharing this with you is dogs, cake dogs to be precise.

Andy is proving to be an incredible hunter & gatherer of new & innovative baking talent which neatly brings me onto Cake Doggy Dog who he’s just brought to my attention (I’ve said it before and I’ll say it – again a puntastic name is the best asset you can have). Puns aside it also totally reiterates my point that you need a strong stand out feature (or in ‘work speak’ USP) when setting up a cake business and there is no such thing as “but there is no new angle” excuse for being blah as proven with this post, most of the content on this site and the things we sell in our pop ups.

Their great doggy concept, combined with perfectly designed cupcakes, mean it should come as no surprise that the team behind these creations are two artists come cake bakers who like to blur the lines between cake, reality and art. Oh I just love them already… …I have to say the non cake dogs on their site are not the best examples of sculptural cakes I have seen but just look at the dogs!!! Taste wise I wouldn’t know but I don’t eat cake for pleasure anyway – if I did then pretty darn sure I would have an arse the size of a small country in no time at all. Personally I also think they are a tad on the expensive side starting at £300.00 but perhaps this is as they are business minded enough to know that when it comes to people and their pets money is no object (as I write this Fish my cat has just attacked my Robin Day sofa again but of course the scratching pole is in pristine condition). To clarify it seems a very fair price for the cakes they are offering, but personally I would never buy a cake that costs that much (unless for a wedding).

This is what they have to say about cake dogs:

Is it a dog? Is it a cake? No, its a cakedog!

As dog lovers we believe that no two dogs are the same. Let’s face it, a dog is just as (if not a whole lot more) fascinating than you’re average person. At Cake Doggy Dog we bring together all the personality and character of your pet and capture it in cake. You’ll be forgiven for thinking they’re too good to eat! (But do eat them…trust us, they’re yummy!)

Our dog cakes are one standard size (made to fit on a 14” x 10” board) which serves 25-30 small portions. Our cakes can be made in Vanilla, Chocolate or Red Velvet

Each of our cakes are priced at £300.

Go on… Have your dog and eat it!

What do you think? Is this a niche too far, or a genius marketing stunt? I’ll be honest in that I don’t really care as I love dogs and I love cake design. It would be great to have them on board for both Eat Your Heart Out and Beaten & Creamed – although clearly it would have to be a rabid dog for the Halloween pop up! Cake Doggy Dog clearly have some talent for innovative ideas and it excites me to think of what they may come up with when faced with our slightly very twisted brief… I’ve leave with you an image of one of their cupcake collections which are really quirky and clever with titles that make me want to find out, and of course eat, some more. Best of all they are that super rare creature called an ‘original cupcake design’, and not very derivative of cupcakes I’ve seen before.

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