Edible Art & the 500 Calorie Bomb

Sometimes the most simple ideas work best and this 500 Calorie Bomb – which comes in the shape of a grenade filled with candy – is  a perfect example of that approach.

Created by artist Raphael Volkmer his vision behind the piece however is not so simple but very predictable.

Easter is every year again a huge chocolate battle if not even a chocolate orgy. The average European household consumes more than 1kg chocolate every Easter. The calories bomb is a self-questioning product that takes this fact and my attitude towards easter as an atheist into account. It is about a satirical and humorous confrontation between consumer and object, a product indicating a peak point of excessive consumption of our days.

75% cocoa swiss premium chocolate / Filled with M&Ms / 500kcal

It continues to puzzle me why some of the most innovative food items are created by artists  yet very few food brands reach out directly to them, something we are trying to change. The David A Smith x CSC ‘Road Kill Bambi’ cupcake (shown below) we sold at EYHO came with a limited edition work of art certificate and was one of our top sellers. This years pop up shop will feature more edible art elements than ever before… ….and that’s all we are telling you for now.

 Any artists out there who may be interested in working with us please do get in touch!



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