Deep fried bubblegum & friends

The Annual Big Tex Choice Awards at the State Fair of Texas has a place in my heart mainly due to the deep fried bubblegum featured in 2011. Sadly it is not fried gum, but marshmallow dipped in bubblegum-flavored extract, covered in bubblegum-flavored dough, deep fried and garnished with blue icing and chiclets. Why not use real bubble gum? Creator Justin Martinez tried, but “It does not work to fry bubblegum…It doesn’t taste good, and you can’t chew it.” He also has form when it comes to frying ridiculous things having previously coated jelly beans in funnel cake batter and deep-fried them.

I love the default ‘just fry everything’ approach at US state fairs which brings me onto some of the other winners… Buffalo chicken in a flapjack (below) won most delicious, I am not sure how.  It consisted of a deep fried skewered buffalo chicken strip, coated with flapjack batter, rolled in jalapeño bread crumbs and served with a side of syrup.

As an aside I am desperate to try red velvet chicken wings (second below).

I guess the big question is would you eat deep fried cupcakes or better still macarons? I have a ridiculous urge to try them and love the idea of having a frying station at EYHO this year. Deep fried anatomical heart cake or finger anyone? The mere thought makes me recall in horror which suggests I am onto something.

I do think it’s worth investigating further as from what I have read deep fried cakes taste really good, really really good.  Willow Bird Baking described their Deep Fried Cake Batter tastings brilliantly (I think they liked it). Their deep fried cake batter cookie down shown below.

Deep Fried Cake Batter Cookie Dough is like a birthday party held on a flippin’ yacht in the French Riviera, with David Beckham serving you lemonade while Posh Spice feeds Whinny sugar cubes. Oh, and with Prince performing “Raspberry Beret” in one of his funky outfits. And with Nigella Lawson in the galley whipping up cupcakes. And with one of those little bendy straws in the lemonade.

Tempted to try for yourself? Cupcakes Take The Cake have more information and recipe link.

Or perhaps you want to try deep frying Oreos?

via Eater


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