80 Ounces of Chocolate Monster Cake

Made by Paul Joachim and sadly not ‘one of ours’ it’s an oldie but a goodie here from 2007. Make sure you also check out their zombie dog cake which is insane.

Made for a halloween party, this cake came out quite scary and realistic! I used 4 deliciously moist chocolate cakes along with a TON of ganache, 80 ounces of chocolate and 8 cups of heavy cream to be exact 😉 The engineering on this wasn’t easy considering how thin the neck is. It really held up well! The head is a 3 layer cake. There are NO dowels, NO rice krispies for this cake.

Judging from their Flickr stream clearly they have a ridiculous amounts of baking talent, and I appreciate the fact they design ‘new’ cakes. Many of their designs I have never seen before, whilst a hand coming out of cake with almond fingernails makes me want to scream (with boredom). Dearly wish they have uploaded more images as there are only 100 or so on their stream with makes amazing cake hunting very frustrating.

5 severed cake heads 🙂 Each head is about 20 servings of cake with different combinations of flavors.


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