Silent Hill x Alice Cooper (vintage)

So proud of the little crazy cake collective we’ve built up over the past few years so wanted to also feature some of our older work on this site where it’s relevant to Evil Cakes. It’s also really useful to show the standard of our pops ups at the time we are looking for new team members. Rather than just reblog old stories from Cakehead Loves Evil (at the risk of everyone thinking we are still making exactly the same things or I am the worst blogger in the world) we’ll be calling these ‘vintage’. Hope that sounds fair enough?

First vintage post is the Silent Hill Nurse from Mamma Jamma Cakes created to a brief for the Alice Copper freak show auditions last summer – accompanied by bloody cupcakes, edible glass and barbed wire made from fondent. I was, and still am, obsessed with how good the nurses boobs look! I am not sporting the most healthy look below and as I recall it also made catching a cab nearly impossible.

We also created a back drop for this piece taking the lyrics of No More Mister Nice Guy with Thefty painting them onto newspaper to create the perfect Silent Hill x Alice Cooper backdrop.

I covered some old plates in bandages then used my bruise wheel to create a unique cupcake stand hosting delicious red velvet treats from @annecupcakes.

Kiss & Bake Up kindly produced a range of fairly disturbing Silent Hill cake pops which were displayed in an old cheese greater we made look rusty.

Finally we also used edible glass with strawberry blood and fondant barbed wired (both from Mamma Jamma Cakes) as added detail on the table. Hope that’s given you some food for thought on what to make for EYHO 2012!!!

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