Cake Butchery

My inbox contains all sorts of calorie laden gore at the moment and I am loving the fact it keeps flooding in. Most exciting of all is when I get emails from cake makers new to me who are interested in working with the Evil Cake team on EYHO 2. Cake makers such as Victoria Wilkinson who contacted me today with some stomach churning images of what Beaten & Creamed are already referring to as ‘Cake Butchery’, some pieces she made a while ago. BLEARGH I am in ewe awe.

Right back in the days of Cake Britain we purposefully looked to support bakers of all levels and continue to do so today: I 110% don’t believe that just because a baker may not have a high profile it does not mean their work can not be incredible. It simply means they have not been discovered yet. In addition to Victoria, case in point is Miss Insomnia Tulip whose chicken feet cake pops have been featured on sites such as Edible Craft and Boing Boing.

As a non baker myself I rely on a team of incredibly talented individuals to bring my visions to life and never forgot how lucky I am that there are so many people who tolerate and indulge my crazy visions; and so many more with visions of their own.


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