Late pizza deliveries raise awareness of world hunger

Whilst the purpose of this blog is mainly to track the fun & chaos happening in the run up to Evil Cakes it’s also about showcasing the best in creativity and food, examining the use of food PR & marketing in a fresh way (no news generation surveys or flash mobs on us). So whilst this story may be about a pizza, not cake or other sweet treats, it’s also a brilliantly clever way to use food to promote hunger issues and 100% belongs here. On paper using pizza companies to promote hunger seems a f*ck awful idea, but as it turns out it is an inspired decision.

The risky advertising campaign (my favourite type) was cooked up by Paraguay ad agency ONIRIA/TBWA. It worked with two pizzerias in Paraguay who for a period of time had deliberately slow service with the aim of helping their customers begin to understand the needs of those affected by hunger. Their client Food Bank Foundation. When the food eventually arrived the customer would see a note in the box explaining: “When you’re hungry, you understand hunger.”

Read more at Springwise via @olivia_solon.

Sadly I don’t think this Yoda pizza would have been on the menu.


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