Sprinkle Art

What looks like an image of a beagle is actually a high definition photograph of a 4’ by 1 ½’ board covered in 221,184 nonpareils sprinkles. At a distance of 16 feet, the sprinkles blur, tricking the human eye into believing that it is looking at a large photograph. Only when you closely examine the work do you realize that it has been created entirely with tiny spheres of candy.

Incredible works of art such as this, a university fine arts project from Joel Brochu, make me understand why I feel so passionate about continuing to push the bounds of creativity both with cake and my day to day work. It is ALWAYS possible to do new things, in this case the meeting of two very regular products have created something draw dropping. It is this same approach I try to use when looking at creative concepts. You may not always need to use the latest trend, or celebrity of the month, but simply look at how you can reinvent the partnerships between some of the brands existing ingredients . An approach which also has the benefit of leading to very tight on brand key messaging. But of course the latest trends are ALWAYS masses of fun to play around with.

Leaving boring theory aside before we all drift off to sleep I would love to try something like this – it might even work with old medical posters or Horror Hammer. I shall have to drop him a line…

via Flickr blog


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