Fashionable consumption – ‘Cake’ shows models eating entire cakes

Cake is a fashion video directed by Stephen Blaise for Fly 16×9. Cut from over four hours of footage, the videos feature designer clad annoyingly thin (for girls who can eat a whole cake) models wearing designer clothing and devouring entire cakes. To me a concept summed up by this now iconic Hansel & Gretel inspired shoot shot by Annie Leibovitz which even depicts Lady Gaga as the witch in the oven (as featured in Vogue December 2009).

The creative ethos of the video is to comment on design, consumption and body image in the context of major designers: Miu Miu (mocha cake with cherry blossoms), AF Vandervorst (chocolate mocha dome), Prada (mirror caramel cake & chocolate torte with chantilly cream), Zero Maria Cornejo (orange and white chocolate tiramisu), and Fendi (striped cake with chocolate roses).

Click through to Fly 16×9 for the video in high resolution or watch some of the videos on Vimeo below:

Via the now sadly defunct with no goodbye Eat Me Daily.


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