I received an email today from lovely Chris who runs Cake for Breakfast whom Natasha Collins & I are working with on a fairly big deviant (but private project) coming up in the next few weeks or so. It contained two prototype images of chocolate snails and I was so impressed I HAD to share right now (more evidence of my hideously impatient trait) which he kindly agreed to despite them being a first ‘draft’.

Cast from real snails, with further details then added such the eyes (ever the nature expert that’s the two sticky up bits isn’t it?),  I think they are incredible. Chris still wants to work on the paint effects some more so they are only going to increase in amazingness and realism.

As these are cast from a real snail you can even see the finer details of the shells which to me is reminiscent of such edgy chocolate treats like The Chocolate Skulls (shown above), or  the ‘Wizard Fingers’ The Curious Confectioner sold at Eat Your Heart Out 2010 (shown bottom).

Wizard Fingers from The Curious Confectioner

Ever the perfectionist, Natasha has also asked that some of her ‘special soil’ (ground up Oreo cookies to you and I) are also added around the base to give an effect of a snail which has just been plucked off the soil.

The filling? Green goo & fudge of course! Goes without saying they’ll be on sale at the shop, and I am sure these chaps will put in a few appearances before then too as I am totally obsessed.

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