Eat Your Heart Out: The Morgue Years

Cakes from EYHO 2010 made by The Butcher of Caker Street (road kill badger) and Holly Andrews

The world’s first X-rated cake shop, Eat Your Heart Out, repulsed the world back in 2010 with its human centipede cookies, squeezable puss cupcakes and vagina dentata sponges. Now the over-18s emporium of sweet iniquity is back for Halloween and is set to be bigger and more gruesome than before. Eat Your Heart Out 2012 is on the lookout for the most creative bakers and cake artists & food artists to fire up their mixers and invoke some demonic treats. These will then be sold in the EYHO pop-up shop, to be housed in an eerily unsettling location. If you have a steady hand and a strong stomach for making delicious yet bad taste cakes, horrifically anatomical sugary sculptures or downright rude cupcakes, then get involved.

The Defiled opening EYHO in 2010 –

The theme – Eat Your Heart Out: The Morgue Years x Carnival Kids

Image show is for a ‘casualty simulation’ doll from a company of the same name –

Need inspiration? You can see our last menu at or listen to The Futureheads, Carnival Kids.

To take part, please send ideas of your baked tricks and treats to by 31 July 2012, or share on the Miss Cakehead Facebook page. We work with cake makers on all levels / scales so even if you have not sold your cakes before, but it’s something you’d love to try then get in touch! At this stage we are interested in everything edible…

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