Edible Hats

Many people take food art far too seriously but Ali&Cia have a quirky take on the subject I find refreshing. This is particularly showcased with their edible hat series from 1995, the finished work being a series of postcards featuring the eccentric creations which are shown below.

In their own words:

The Edible Hats Postcards is a project which stands out from others as it was not created as a performance but as a series of images, photographed by Alejandro Pradera. The idea for the Edible Hats came to Alicia as she was beginning her archive of food and drink related post cards, which to this day she continues adding to. As her collection grew so did her enthusiasm as she began to discover the wide range of subjects depicted and motivations behind the various images. She decided to reciprocate in this economy of images and create some of her own that she could exchange with other archivists, collectors or museums, or even use as business cards. These images were thus conceived to be shared and traded easily. Some of the hats were created with a particular idea in mind while others were inspired through collaborative play with the ingredients, the result of trial and error. In fact, this project marked the beginning of Ali&Cia.


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