Dexter Cake & Cling Film

I know that I’ve already featured a LOT of Dexter stuff over at the soon to be retired Cakehead Loves Evil but this beauty is a new one on me. I know nothing about making cakes but I can tell you they blood pen pictures comes in packs of three costing £1.00 from the pound store (in London).

Cakes & Dexter remind me of one of the the best ever branded-for-PR products ever – the Dexter cling film *round of applause*.

This product was the first of three stages to promote the second series of Dexter in Portugal.  Local media outlets sent a promotional cling film box that looked like it was leaking blood with the following message printed inside.

“Dexter’s wrapping paper, due to its impermeability and adhesion, keeps the victim well wrapped and the floor free of blood splatter — avoiding leaving clues and traces of any crimes”

Read more about how Dexter consistently has bloody brilliant PR here. As an aside I was involved in a Dexter PR pitch (I have a proper job as a creative director) a few years ago now. I can’t go into any more details but I can say some of the ideas I presented made the board team we were presenting to retch (a first and I hope a last), although I am sure the finer details of The Edible Autopsy may set a few people off including myself.


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